One crafting magazine at a time!

by: Julie Kirk

One crafting magazine at a time … that’s how Gauche Alchemy is planning to take over the crafting world.  Didn’t you know? 😉

As some of you might know, I’m on the Design Team for what used to be called Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine here in the UK. What you might not be aware of is that, after ceasing to be published in monthly issues, the new  ‘bookazine’ version: Scrapbook Inspirations Ideas Book is about to be launched in both the UK and the USA!  

Shimelle Laine is editor of the new version and she’s written more about it, including details of where it will be on sale in the US, here.   Or you can order it online now here!

And, as you might expect I’ve managed to sneak some Gaucheness into the new proceedings! Here’s a few sneaky, glances. Fans of the mixed media colour kits might recognise a few things here:

There’s a touch of the Envy colour kit here too and a little something from the Wholey Sheet

Right, put your eyes away, that’s enough revealing for one day.  

As I said, GA is advancing into world domination one crafting magazine at a time and on top of  Scrapbook Inspirations Ideas Books ….. we’re infiltrating the UK’s Scrapbook Magazine too!  

Do you remember  this post from February when I interviewed Sarah Piggot – the runner-up of  Scrapbook Magazine’s ‘Scrapbooker of the Year 2009’? Well part of Sarah’s prize was to have a feature in an upcoming issue of the magazine and here’s what Sarah has just had published:


The more eagle-eyed amongst yuo might be able to spot that Sarah sprinkled her pretty pages with lots of items from Gauche Alchemy mixed media colour kits and mentioned GA in her supplies list! Thank you Sarah!

As it says in our sidebar, anyone who is published in an online e-zine or print publication and who mentions GA in their supply list, will find a little Gauche-shaped treat landing on their doormat to say THANK YOU! So get submitting!

Sarah, send us your mailing address so your package can be on it’s way sooon! 🙂

OK then, I’ll be off, I have a layout featuring Gauche goodness, a drawing of Charles Dickens and a photo of me and a naked mythical man to complete.  All in a day’s work here at Gauche Towers ….

Julie x

5 Responses

  1. Yay – Go GA! World dominance is a great goal and it looks like your headed for it – TFS!

  2. woo-hoo!! looking forward to a little GA goodie bag!! thank you julie and the GA ladies xxx

  3. Wowowowowowowow, that is too cool! Go Sarah! 😀

  4. Yay! It’s not the last of my beloved SI! So glad to hear it!

    Congrats, congrats, Julie! Love that we’re still able to enjoy your amazing work.

    And congrats to Sarah too!

    Those are just awesome stuff you talented things you!

  5. So happy to hear that Scrapbook Inspirations is being reincarnated! Whee! Sarah, you rock – congrats again on the illustrious prize! You will definitely be getting a little goodie bag when you least expect it (hopefully that means before 2013…haha, just kidding!).

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