And hello to you … Andrea!

Yesterday we met Maggi

Here’s the gritty on Andrea:

I’ve been scrapping seriously for the past three years. When I say “seriously” I mean it’s apart of my weekly routine. I knew that having my son was something that would bring dedicated documentation to my life, and I would have to give it my full efforts, The enjoyment of making those memories for my son has pushed me into other areas of the art. I have progressed into having my own scrap-for-hire business that brings me more joy than I thought possible. Bringing my creations to families across the country-and even breaking ground in Canada-has been both invigorating and educational. I even enjoy the stress of creating for someone else. Wondering, “Will they love this?” makes me spend as much time as possible on those projects and make sure those projects truly reflect who I am as a designer. I have just recently been able to consider myself a “designer”. Sweet.

Other than putting memories into art form, I am a Wife, Mother, Photographer and a lover of pickles. I currently reside in North Carolina, but will forever be a Colorado resident, no matter where the Military life may take me. My little boy brings more joy to my life than I could ever imagine; my husband is the most supportive, understanding and hilarious man I have ever met. Life is good.

I am thrilled to be apart of the newest Gauche Alchemy Design Team, and will take pleasure in making every newsletter and project my bitch. That is, after all, what makes us girls so very Gauche.


14 Responses

  1. Yay for Andrea! Looking forward to the newsletter becoming your bitch! 😉

  2. Oooooooooooh these pages are so gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing some more from you Stephanie 😀

  3. I love it- very eloquently written, Andrea! You know I’ve been a long-time fan, and I couldn’t be more pleased to have you on our team. So happy to have you with us!!!

  4. Go Andrea, It’s not your birthday but GO ANYWAY!!!!!

    I’m super stoked about working with ya Andrea.

  5. Great layouts!! I especially love the stars being blown!!

  6. Dearest Andrea, definitely looking forward to seeing more fabulousness from you. If these pages are any indication!

    You are just awesome girl. Welcome to the GA sisterhood! =)

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  8. Wow.. three incredible layouts!! Stunning work, Andrea, can’t to see more of your stuff!

  9. Wowowow, these layouts are stunning! So fun to read more about you!

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  11. Hello Andrea. would it be correct in thinking that you have both preppy and goth/steampunk tendencies going on? Looking forward to seeing you shine your light.

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  14. omgoodness…Andrea…i literally teared up when I just read your “stars” layout…

    words cannot describe…

    so beautiful and beyond inspiring!!

    Crafty Hugs!

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