Hi to you! Yvonne here – Greetings from Singapore! I’m so happy to be part of the Gauche Alchemy design team and I look forward to sharing my creative adventures with you and being inspired by you too! 🙂

Happy 2 C U

I love to make stuff, especially using unexpected “found” stuff around my house (or someone else’s! ;). The years of saving little trinkets and ephemera finally paid off when I discovered scrapbooking. I am no longer a “junk collector” but a thing-finder and treasure-keeper…;)


My style is constantly evolving but it always involves some form of upcycling and colour! 🙂 like this tiny art piece (at least to me..) that uses scraps and packaging!

Altered item

I’m a challenge blog junkie and try my best to play along whenever I can…it is a great way to get your photos scrapped and make new friends! I scrap the everyday stuff, laugh at myself a lot…


Confess my guilty pleasures…

My guilty pleasure

And share the joy I have playing with my nephews…;)

B is for boys

See you soon and have a fun day! 😉

Fun day

And if you missed our previous introductions last week:


8 Responses

  1. ooohh, I love all your work. My husband says he’s glad that I too have found something to use all my saved Junk (I mean…saved objects) for !!

  2. Love Love LOVE your work Yvonne. Every time you post, I’m inspired to look at things differently and step outside of the box. Super excited to be working with you

  3. Hiya!!! Boy am I ever glad to be here with you – like the others, you are so inspiring in your own way! Congrats!!!

  4. Beautiful stuff! So excited to be creating with you, and enjoying all of your trinket fancies!

  5. Woo hoo Yvonne!!! I am so lucky to be on the same team as you! Love your work so much!

  6. Gorgeous work, can’t wait to see what else you do 😀

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