Art Journalling with Erika

Erika here!
There is something so raw about creating an Art Journal page. I’ve just recently started and I’m sharing my journal pages with all of you here at Gauche Alchemy. It is a way for you all to get to know me a little and is a huge creative outlet for me. No staying inside the lines, no concerns if colors go together or if I’m following the golden rules. Creating a journal page is all about getting Down and Dirty with what is in your heart, your mind or your cornflakes. It is a way to show emotions and share thoughts in the truest form. If you haven’t started an art journal yet there are so many great places out there for reference. One of my favorites is Teesha Moore – she is very informative and has great tutorials and tips on how to get started.

For this page, I’ve shared with you one of my favorite poems. I started by using oil pastels on the journal page and created a resist for the paint i’d be applying afterward. I used a few different colors of gouache paint to create movement, then decoupaged a dove onto the sheet with Mod Podge. Finishing off the look with some Delta Gesso (from the GA Artfire Store) that I smeared across the page with a credit card. It was maxed out, so no worries.

Then the poem emerged on the page and I finished it off with some Liquid Pearls in pink. Well it is my favorite color so there has to be SOME on every page. maybe I’ll go crazy with pink on my next page. Pink Parts here I come!!!

Try your hand at expressing yourself through a journal created with artwork. Be off the cuff, cutting edge, be YOU!!!


7 Responses

  1. yay for AJ-ing! SO, you drip pink tooooo.

  2. art journalling is soooo addictive! Such a great form to be free and unencumbered. Love the motion of this page and I love that pink pearl stuff! Very cool!

  3. Love the thought of Art journals…….. can do the Art bit but the journalling thing eludes me!…..

  4. Effie – thats the thing about art journals – the journalling is visual! 🙂 I love being able to express the emotion through images and not words – means just as much if not more sometimes!

  5. That’s simply beautiful!

  6. What a dreamy page! My art journal is beckoning!

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