Now that spring is in full swing- I have had the overwhelming need to create something bursting with color! Luckily, Gauche Alchemy has the most amazing color kits in the Artfire store, providing my creative side with a fruit bowl of trinkets. The best thing about these kits-they are FULL of things you would never expect. I was happily surprised when using the color kits, as I found barrettes, buttons, fabric, and the BEST little toys. I wanted to show the simplicity of these kits-and how much color can do to move your creativity and catch your eye. I would be lost without color! I have the feeling I’ll be reaching for these kit’s for a long time to come…

Here I used:
Purple People Eater Kit
Blue Streak Kit
Envy Green Kit
Scarlet Fever Red Kit
Lady Marmelade Orange Kit
Banana Hammock Yellow Kit


9 Responses

  1. GORGEOUS! I want to hang this on my wall!!!

  2. I ‘m thinking your son is enjoying them too. Way to rock the color kits.

  3. Can’t beat a bit of colour for lifting the spirits!

  4. this is just glorious! love it so so so much!
    those color kits are so addictive!

  5. OMG this is the most gorgeous thing ever! I agree with Carol – totally a gallery piece! 😉 ~A~

  6. Frackin’ AWESOME!!!

  7. OOOHH I love it. I need to do that in my room!

  8. Way to work those color kits! Brilliant! 🙂

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