Just In Case You Missed It…

Hi everyone!  Maggi here.  😀

I am pleased to announce the winner of Gauche Alchemy’s very first challenge with our new Design Team is Danielle for this awesome take on our Ad Inspiration:

And now, just in case you missed it:

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Tuesday’s Post: Art Journalling With Erika

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Thursday’s Post: Angela Is Such a Geek!

Friday’s Post: It’s Theme Day!

Now go glue something awesome onto some awesome something! 😀 Have a great weekend everyone!


6 Responses

  1. THIS IS GORGEOUS! Great job, Danielle! You have created something so very beautiful!

  2. Yay Danielle!
    And thanks everyone else for playing along and spreading the word!!!!!!

    Can i just say YAY for gluing things onto other awesome things!!!!!
    Hmmmm …. perhaps a name for my autobiography …. i called it first! 😀

  3. Okay Danielle…I have my smiley face newly glued to my face in overwhelmig happiness of your WIN!

    Maggi, I now have a new quote, “Now go glue something awesome onto soe awesome something”.

  4. WHOLLY SHEET??? did you say me? I thought I made that piece, but I may have been on acid too.


    I am so very very happy!! THANKS SOOOO MUCH GA!!

  5. Absolutely breathtaking!!

  6. Lovely work i like it!

    love Dawn xx

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