Flying Altered

Greetings, Gauche-kateers!
Angela here!

Have you ever gone into the craft/hobby store for one thing (no seriously, JUST ONE THING!) Two hours later, your husband is calling you in as a missing person, your dinner-less children are in the kitchen eating dry cereal on the floor, and the store’s night manager is following you around looking at his watch as if he’s waiting on it to turn into a magical transporter? It happens to me a lot, actually. But it always pays off (ok, after the silent treatment from the hubby and kids ends).

On my last two hour treasure hunt to the craft store, I picked up the item showcased in this post. When I saw that silly little naked wooden bi-plane, I fell in love with it in that hard-core “five-year-old-girl-loves-a-pink-unicorn” way. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do with it, but I didn’t care. It moved into my artistic soul and unpacked it’s bags. And there it lived for a couple of months. Until I got my Gauche Alchemy kits, that is. Never has there been a more perfect marriage of object and medium.

I spent my entire National Scrapbooking Day making artistic love to that bi-plane. Five beautiful hours were spent decoupaging, painting, gluing, glittering, stamping and decorating. Never has my muse been so verbal in my ear. Hell, that bitch was practically screaming at me the whole time! And when I was done, it was like giving birth. It was PERFECT. It was exactly what I had envisioned. And I was even more in love than I had been when I first saw it on the craft store shelf.

This precious pocket-sized plane was decorated almost completely with supplies from the Gauche Alchemy Wholey Sheet kit, ACME Mixed Media kit, Geekery kit, Scarlet Fever Mixed Media Color Kit, and Punchinella.

I also used the Cherry Bomb stamp set from Bombshell Stamps to create the pin-up girl perched on the side of the plane (which I think should be a requirement on ALL planes, especially those boring jets they make us fly in these days!) The wings on the top of the plane are Heidi Swapp clear stamps, and the old-fashioned glitter on the propellers is Martha Stewart. The ribbon used around the edges of the wings is Basic Grey. I just love how Gauche Alchemy kits work with anything in my scrap room!

To decoupage and adhere the embellishments, I used Modge Podge, Beacon Adhesives Zip Dry, and Glue Arts Adhesive Squares. I am such a fan girl of all of these adhesives, which save my creative ass on a regular basis!

Now that you’ve seen my high-flying ideas, go grab these fabulous Gauche Alchemy kits and see how they make your creativity soar!


12 Responses

  1. Wow! This is fabulous, in every sense of the word! Congrats on your plane, now you can fly off on all your adventures! I hope you hang in in your craft space as inspiration!

  2. Angela, seriously….ONE THING….right!!!???!!

    This is truly AWESOME!!! Everything about it is as cool as can be.

  3. now, that’s a mile-high club i’d want to be a part of!!! 😀

  4. Fantastic!

  5. Oh my, almost blushing here. I sure hope you and your plane got a room to get down to all your shenanigans 😀

    It was worth it though, how fabulous! I love that you got Spidey on there! And the WINGS! Fantastic!

  6. Angela, this is FANFLIPPINTASTIC!!!!

  7. Awe-SOME! Love love love this!!!!

  8. That i fabolicious!!! I have been in that position with my family too!! glad to know i’m not the only one!!

    Really great work!

  9. That is freakin’ awesome, Angel! Great Job!

  10. Awww you guys {blushes}!!!! ❤ Thanks for all the comments. You really know how to make a girl feel awesome!

  11. […] Angela Pruitt altered a wooden bi-plane for Gauche Alchemy.  This would be a great handmade gift idea for Father's Day.  See more photos here. […]

  12. Absolutely fabulous, Angela!!!

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