Last minute gifts made from your Gauche Goodies!

Kas’ Techniques for Saving Your Behind. (also known as last minute gifts made from your Gauche Goodies!)

Well this weekend I got one of those surprises. We had planned on going out with a large group of friends, but we (or at least I) wasn’t told it was for a birthday. It was super late on the other side of town from ANYTHING. So of course I sat at my crafty table and pondered.

They it hit me….I must have some Gauche goodies to help with this! First I took a plain vase. Added a glue strip…

Then wrapped a piece of Purple Punchinella around the vase.

I added some beads and trinkets from the Purple People Eater kit along with some clear marbles.

It seemed to me that this would work for other things, so I wrapped some different punchinella around a small glass and added a tea light.

I LOVE the way the light shown through it.

For the last “gift” I cut a square of Ouchless Cardboard.

I painted the edges with pink and purple shimmer paint. Then I cut a smaller piece paper from the Wholly Sheets and glued it to the cardboard pressing it down between the ridges as I attached it.

I then added a purple butterfly sequin from the Purple People Eater kit and a flower from the Pink Parts kit.

Lastly I took two flower beads from the Pink Parts kitt and put them on two plain circular earring blanks I had. I used a Basic Grey Notch & Die Tool to make the cuts and a Crop-o-dile to make the holes to add the earrings too.

These could all three be done start to finish in less than an hour!


7 Responses

  1. OMG – the candle with the punchinella is GORGEOUS!!!!! I can’t believe all the amazing uses for that stuff!!!! i want to jump into a pile of it and…..
    Thanks for the tips, Kas!

  2. Love that vase, just beautiful! 😀

  3. Since we moved a few years ago[and no matter how organized my packing was] almost all my jewelry suffered in the sense of me not being able to put my sets together and I go through phases of laying my earrings down somewhere and one goes missing for awhile and I’ve been thinking of altering some of my earring cards for a change and now I can add ouchless cardboard to the mix…I am thinking that the punchinella would be a kewl backing for housing several pairs of earrings. Thanks Kas.

  4. What a fun way to present a present of earrings!

  5. All GA kits are a wealth of inspiration!!! LOVE these gift ideas!! really awesome!!

    I can’t wait till my Wholey Sheet kit comes!!! It is so versitile obviously!!

  6. Wow, love all of these ideas! Awesome!

  7. Such a cool blog! I’ll keep coming by!

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