cooking that creative mojo

Erika here!

There is something so wonderful about cooking. Throwing whatever into a pan, mixing it with a pinch of this and a smack of that. Figuring out if two flavors will have instant chemistry or end up in the trash as unsanitary soul mates. Inspirational indeed! So when I came across a wicked cooking show on the tube recently, I sat and watched, then immediately PVR’d all new episodes.

Bitchin’ Kitchen is plethoric when it comes to inspiration. From the aprons Nadia wears, to the dishes she plates on. The cupboards to the ingredients, this show is completely arousing to the creative mojo.

Take the word of the day. This on it’s own can really give you direction for your artwork:

Or how about a little Kitchen apparel to get that Mojo running full tilt?!!!

From making that perfect dish to creating a card for a special occasion like dumping your boyfriend, this show is gonna give you all the inspiration you need.

For more Bitchin’ Kitchen, you can follow Nadia at Twitter and Facebook



4 Responses

  1. gotta check that out – thanks!

  2. Very cool, thanks for the links!

  3. HaHa!! I have been trying to bring “Bitchin” back!! I’m trying to get the 80’s slang to come back!

    I HAVE to find this show!! I actually watch a lot of food network, I’ve never heard of this show. What channel is it on???

    Thanks for the links!!

  4. That word has a double meaning….I will have to check out some more Bitchin Kitchen….

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