painty and gessoy and textury oh my!

lara here – mistress of texturey painty goodness.
i’ve been enamored with this painty technique recently, and although time intensive, it’s super duper easy to do!
If you’re scared of painting – here’s a good way to paint and not know it because you don’t even need a paint brush!
what you will need is some sort of acrylic paint, gesso, paper towel and paper.

You will be folding your paper in quarters, so i’ve learned that it provides a good guide to fold your paper first. Then put some gobs of paint in one of the quadrants … big, small, far or close, one color or many – experiment!

Once that is done, fold your paper in half making a paint sandwich and apply mild pressure – not too hard though. This is also when putting something underneath your paper could come in handy as paint may oooooze out off the edges. I like to use wax paper ALWAYS as a protective surface because once it gets painty enough i can use it as a canvas! (It’s all about use and resuse here, kids!)

After folding it in half one way, peel the paper back then fold the other way so you have a kaleidoscope effect. This is where I also get an overview of how my paint spread and add a little extra here and there to fill in and gaping spaces

OK – I’m digging this so I’ll leave as is:

mmmmmm textury….

So here’s where patience and perhaps another project come in handy – you’ll need to wait for this to dry. ALL THE WAY. I usually put aside and leave overnight. If its not totally dry the next step will just end up smearing what you’ve already made.

Now to get dirty and play with the gesso. This also could work with thin acrylic paint if you don’t have gesso or want to play with some color. Rub it lightly with a paper towel over the textured paint – this highlights the peaks and valleys.

This is what it could look like with white gesso:

This is what it looks like with black gesso over the white:

And this is what my canvas looked like when i was all done!

I’ve used this technique for a background for layouts, but also cut up and used in smaller amounts to add texture to pieces. A couple of things I’ve created using this technique are this art journal page (prompted by the Year in the Life of an Art Journal Blog):

A 12″x12″ layout inspired by the Dirty Scraps blog:

And finally a macro of a layout I did about my recently deceased dog (for full post click here):

Happy painting!!!!!

10 Responses

  1. Wowowowow, that is AWESOME! And it looks super easy, I’m going to try that ASAP! Thanks for the tut!

  2. Just how ASAP Maggi dear?

    I paused…went and didededed the first part with grasshopper green, light avacado and robin’s egg blue on a small piece of newspaper.
    Thank you Lara!

  3. This is a great idea I remember doing this to make butterfly’s as a child but you forget when your older about these basic of basics I may well have a play thank you for the trip down memory lane too

    Love Dawn xx

  4. Holy CRAP Lara. This is brilliant. Man You should move to southern saskatchewan and we could be crafting buddies.

  5. BEAUTIFUL dahling…just BEAUTIFUL!

  6. looks like fun………………..

  7. I love the texture. I NEED Black gesso! I think the chicks at this house will be doing this project this weekend!

  8. I’ve been admiring this technique on your work for ages – thank you so much for sharing the how to’s. LOOOOOOOOVE it!

  9. […] Wednesday: A paint and Gesso tutorial with Lara, Painty and Gessoy and Textury Oh My! […]

  10. OMGoodness…thanks for sharing Lara. You always spark my mojoiness. Off to get messyyyyyyy!!!!!

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