Erika {hearts} Green

Hi everyone, Erika here!

Who LOVES grass? It really is that one thing in the spring time that gets me high. The Lawn you silly people!!!

The little sprouts of spring green, popping through the brown palette that fall left behind. It is the color for nature, renewal, and life. That pigment that strums up visions of growth, healing, money and envy. Oh GREEN, you are so enigmatic. How I yearn to roll in thee…

And roll in thee, is just what I did when I used pieces of the lush Envy Green Color Kit from Gauche Alchemy’s Artfire Store. It bursts at the seams with delectable goodness. Something for every crafter out there.

A little thought provoking isn’t it. Just wait until I give you the lowdown on the Lady Marmalade Orange Kit. You’ll be wanted to tell that classic knock knock joke Gauche Style. Orange ya glad you stopped by today? hahahahahahaha

Until next time


Erika Taylor


6 Responses

  1. Love it! I’m so green with envy over the beautiful details ;O).

  2. Love it! It looks so fresh and clean, love how you used the color kit! 😀

  3. Love that layout–or is it a journal cover? Either way, awesome work!

  4. Thanks Scraps. It is a card

  5. Beautiful, wouldn’t usually pick up green and use it like that but this is just stunning!

  6. Green is my FAVORITE color. What a great mix of green papers and embellishments. Works great!

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