Stephanie Gets Sketchy

Hello everyone in Gaucheland!

Steph here, with a quick & easy project that is also very handy to have around!

I love creating cards and like to keep track of the card sketches you can find online, so this January I started keeping a “sketch book”. The one I made was completely filled by the last day of May (how convenient – couldn’t have happened better if I’d planned it that way!), so I needed a new one for June – on. Enter Gauche Alchemy + a cheap spiral notebook from the back-to-school section at Wal-Mart! (HA!)

I used one of the 12×12 papers out of the BabyKiddoCutie Paper Craft Kit as well as various elements from the Wedding Night & It’s All Gravy Baby! Mixed Media Color Kits. The doily & flowers were sprayed with Coffee Shop Glimmer Mist, so they’re actually rather sparkly… (Hey. Look. I didn’t use ANY pink OR black OR teal. There was no freakin’ way I was going without shimmery too!)

And there you have it, folks – a quick & easy way to store all your sketches you find online – and you’re never stuck with the ‘I know I saw this sketch somewhere but I have no idea where or when’ blues!


2 Responses

  1. What a great idea! This makes so much sense to have around when you need a sketch or two! I love how you used the doily and punchinella!

  2. Great idea, my sketches are ALL OVER THE PLACE! I super love doilies!!

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