Erika Walks the Mixed Media Plank

Arrrrrr Mateys Avast Ye. Stop being lily livered and start embracing the Fiddlers Green!

Hey everyone, It’s Erika here and today I’m sharing with you a project I created using a bunch of treasure from the Mixed Media Color Kits at Gauche Alchemy. Recycling is a great way to be environmentally aware, and considering how many trees my paper stash has euthanized, I gotta give back every way I can. The project I’m sharing with you today is all about using things you might throw out. Shells, beads, mesh wire, ugly plain door hanger…well you get the drift.

First I painted the entire piece with black Gesso. While it was still wet, I added perfect pearls, then heat set with a heating tool. Great effect. Then added me pirate treasure filled with dubloons and gems. Here is the final project filled with the best of Davy Jones Locker.

In the close-ups, you can see bits and pieces of the Wedding Night,, It’s All Gravy, Baby! and the Banana Hammock Mixed Media Color Kits. Since I’m a huge Pirates Fan, this piece really came together and I love the end result.

If you want see a tutorial of this project, stop on by the Bombshell Forum. Hope you have a great week! Now go get loaded to the Gunwales or walk the plank. Geez I think I could really embrace wench life.

Until next time.


5 Responses

  1. Eeek! This is just gorgeous, Erika!!! I love me a pirate-themed project and this one takes the booty!

    LOVE it! Looks like something that should be hanging on a door on some sunken ship somewhere. Gorgeous, gorgeous. =)

  2. Just gorgeous, love it so much to look at!

  3. I love this so much, the screen is awesome! So many different layers!

  4. This is a stunning piece of work! On another site, there is a small challenge to go green this month and I wanted to thank you for filling my inspiration bank today.

  5. Thank you so much for all your sweet words. I’m so glad you like the piece.

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