Yvonne is Going Places!

Yvonne here with a new project and a plea for help! What do I think every time I look at a map? Going places…:)

Going places
I love this map paper from the Wholey Sheet Mixed Media Kit…which I adhered to the front and back of a board book…
Going places closeup
I added some rub-ons, stickers and pearls for the titlework.
Going places closeup2
And embellished with supplies from various mixed media color kits…Winter Slush Mixed Media Mega Color Kit, the Pink Parts Mixed Media Color Kit and the Banana Hammock Mixed Media Color Kit.
Going places inner pages1
October Afternoon papers on the inner pages of the album. And as you can see, this album is not quite finished yet. I’m a little stuck actually and was hoping you GA blog readers could help me out. Any suggestions on how should I go about embellishing the inner pages?
Going places inner pages 2
I’ve actually cut the inner pages so they line up like tabs. And provide more possibilities since I can add dimensional stuff, especially on the last page. Will you help me complete my book? Pretty please?

8 Responses

  1. Ooooooh this is SO good. What about a compass or a magnifying glass, maybe some receipts of places you’ve been?

  2. This is so pretty! I love the map on the front! Carmen has a great idea with the receipts, I save all of mine when I travel, they would be great as embellishments! What about using postcards or even printed napkins you may save from different restaurants?

  3. I LOVE the map. I love doing mini-books of our travels…and have never thought of doing that. Thanks!!!
    I save receipts, I always buy a postcard to keep, newspapers from local places.

    Maybe you could do one about the places you have lived in your life. The cities, the houses, etc…

  4. Love the bright summery colours! How about adding bits and pieces you find on your travels – you know, the sort of things we find in the GA colour kits – cocktail umbrella, stuff found on the beach, beer mat? Like a book of treasures.

  5. This is stunning beyond stunning. So clever and I love the potential for so many uses!!! Awesome job!!

    Crafty Hugs!

  6. Oh I do love this very much!!!!

    Love Dawn x

  7. how about coasters from different resturants,and maybe a spoon , like those ones with the name of the state on them. also street signs and chipboards cars and planes and such.
    please do share with us as it comes along! I would LOVE to see the finished product!

  8. […] of all, thank you for all your lovely suggestions on my altered book Going Places. I will incorporate your ideas and show you the finished product […]

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