Package Tape Transferring

Kas here! I’d like to share with your one of my favorite techniques – package tape transferring!

Clear Packing tape
Xerox or laser jet printed picture
Popsicle stick or bone folder

*note…the images I used for my final project are from the Gauche Alchemy Nevermore Collage Sheet.
The paper that you received them on is FANTASTIC! It is very high quality.
For this project though, a cheap Xerox works best, so I photocopied the images.

1. Cut the picture you want, and place it right side up.

2. Remove a piece of tape larger than your image. Packing tape comes in widths up to 3”. The wider tape is hard to find though. If you want a seamless transfer choose an image and tape that will allow one piece instead of multiple. I placed tape on my image then tore the edges of the paper off to give it an uneven edge.

3. Place tape (sticky side down) on top of image. You want the sticky part on top of the picture.

4. Now rub image with popsicle stick or folder. Treat it much like you would a rub-on. Pressing over the entire image.

5. Now turn the tape with attached image over, and sprinkle water or use a clean damp sponge to wet the paper. Let the paper sit.

6. In a minute or so, use your finger and rub on the back of paper until it starts to roll off. You may have to wet remaining paper a little more. Rub until paper is removed and only image is left. Let it dry.

7. After it is dry you may see some thin paper left in some areas. You can wet it again and remove, or leave it for further dimension. Let it fully dry again.

8. Your image is ready to add to your project.

Variations: Try different types of background paper. Different colors and patterns will completely change the mood.

Try different types of paper for your image transfer paper. I used a photo from our cable guide which is newsprint, and although the image was light, it worked.

This technique also works for color Xerox pages also. So try your favorite photo also.
Then add some great Gauche Alchemy products!

My project is the “Pane of Poe” (window pane…pain…)

I used from the Gauche Alchemy store:
…of course the Poe images from the Nevermore Collage Sheet
Wholey Sheet Kit
Winter Slush Blue Kit
Black Out Kit

A frame from the Dollar Store. Some black and silver acrylic paint. And dictionary entries. I added silver metallic acrylic to the back of Mr. Poe to make it look like a glass negative or tin type. There is white tissue and paint behind Lenore. And silver embossing powder around the last pic. (**caution Glass gets hot and tape can easily melt!!)


9 Responses

  1. Brilliant instructions Kas. Love your Pane of Poe 😀

  2. I love this technique!

  3. Awesome technique…I will have to remember this one!!

  4. I love this technique so simple. And this is a great example.

    Your right about the tape though I have been looking for the wide stuff to no avail but its around it’s just finding it lol I can only find the wide brown packing tape if any one knows where to get some that would be great!

    Love Dawn xx

  5. love this techinique too! need to experiment with it more for sure!

  6. AWESOME!!! I’ve done gel medium transfers, but this is much less mess, and a similar effect!! Brilliant!!

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