Punchinella Princess with Erika

And now a sing-a-long with Erika!

Punchinelly, Punchinelly
Night and day it’s Punchinelly
Make a border, do some masking
cut out patterns, Multitasking
Every time I’d find a minute
That’s the time that I’d begin it
Punchinelly, Punchinelly

Yup, this stuff could definitely have its own Disney movie. It’s complex, interesting, somewhat funny and downright beautiful.
Maybe it could even be one of the Disney Princesses???!!! Oh to dream

Today I’ve got a quick and easy way to take a strip on Punchinella and make it go from chambermaid to PRINCESS!!!!
This is so easy and quick too.

First you will need a strip of Punchinella and ribbons. Did you know you can find Punchinella at our Artfire Store? It’s there in all sorts of fabulous colors and shapes!!!

Your ribbon should be about the width of the punch out image on the strip.
Start weaving your first ribbon, making sure to leave a punched out shape open for viewing.

Continue weaving until you hit the end of the road

Repeat with a few other colors

Heat seal ends of ribbon. This is what the final border will look like

Adhere to layout or card as a border.

See what I mean? Definitely a Princess!!!
Now I’ve got that darn song stuck in my head, and I hope you do too.
Show us your weaving techniques using “Punchinelli”

Erika Taylor


6 Responses

  1. ERIKA!! You know that is fab!! BUT, I am the mother of 2 boys. They’ve seen Cinderella, but not much. and when they did it was over 10 years ago. BUT ME? I LOVE Cinderella, and your “punchinelly” song, to the music of “Cinderelly” when the animals were making her dress is RAD-O!!! You must be a GENIUS!! First, You write songs, THEN, you make dope art!!

    Wanna be bff’s??? just sayin’.

  2. GREAT idea!!! Amazing all the new things out there to still do!!

  3. AWESOME idea, ET!

  4. Totally amazing idea!
    Can’t wait to try some of that myself!!!!!!

  5. Gus, Gus, Gus! 😀 This is a fabulous idea! Must try!

  6. teeheehee

    Danielle, of COURSE we can be best friends. As long as you try weaving Punchinelly with boy colors hehe

    Thanks so much for the compliments everyone.

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