Yvonne’s 4″x4″ Memories

Hi there! It’s Yvonne. Today, I’m showing you how I created this 4 x 4 canvas featuring my loving parents!

I love to put my fondest memories on display and sometimes it’s really hard to find wall space or table space to really showcase them.That’s why I love these 4 x 4 canvas blocks. They take up very little wall space, challenge you to create within a really small space and goes a long way to create visual interest in your room!

I started by painting my canvas red. Since it’s such a small piece of artwork, I really wanted it to stand out!

My credit card size photo was cropped to fit this cool frame from the Black Out Mixed Media Color Kit.

I used a crochet doiley as a base…love the added texture.

I added the photo, cool zipper ribbon from the Black Out Mixed Media Color Kit and a handmade fabric flower.

You need a strip of fabric, needle and thread to make the flower.

Fold the strip of fabric and start to twist it to form the flower. Secure it by stitching as you twist.

Here is the completed fabric flower! I love the frayed floral look..

I added more embellishments from the Wedding Night Mixed Media Color Kit. The red heart pin is from Heidi Grace. I added the gray heart from the kit to the pin. I also added some pearls.

And here’s the finished product!

5 Responses

  1. Eek, this is amazing! I just love this Yvonne, thanks so much for the tutorial too! This is a great mini project!

  2. That is BEAUTIFUL! 4 x 4 is a great size. I think you did them an honor!

  3. Yvonne, your work is so beautiful. I love this piece. Your flower tutorial is awesome!! This little piece of art is gorgeous!!

  4. Yvonne, that is such a lovely way to make a keepsake,, I love that flower!

  5. Yvonne:
    I’ve got this picture of my Mom and Dad where my Mom has this huge beehive and I now am thinking this would be a way-cool idea.

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