Tiny Bits of Magic

For my tutorial this month, I wanted to showcase how we can use even the tiniest pieces from Gauche Alchemy kits to make a masterpiece.

I’ve been holding on to a naked wood bangle from DIYbangles.com for some time, and I knew this would be a great opportunity to make it into something awesome.

Believe it or not, all I used for this project was tiny paper scraps from the Gauche Alchemy Wholey Sheet kit, Mod Podge, my favorite acrylic stamps, and StazOn black ink (and of course, the bangle from DIYbangles.com!)

I covered the naked bangle with the tiny Wholey Sheet paper scraps, using Mod Podge liberally to both adhere the scraps down, and coat them so they would not pop back up.  It took only minutes to cover the entire bangle!

While the bangle was drying (it only took about 15 minutes to dry), I stamped a few of my favorite images onto a recycled paper bag using acrylic stamps and StazOn black ink.  I then cut the images out.

When the bangle was dry, I used the same Mod Podge technique as above to adhere the stamped images over the tiny paper collage on the bangle.  In another 15 minutes or so, it was dry enough for my daughter to wear!

This would be a great technique to quickly upcycle an old bangle from a flea market or yard sale find.  Try it soon, and you’ll be amazed at how easily you can create a big hit from the tiniest bits!

5 Responses

  1. Definitely a cool upcycled project! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome Project!!

  3. Way cool! This is a project that my daughters and I would LOVE to make. Great idea!

  4. very cool for sure! i want to apply it to some other things too.
    Also, love that nail polish 😀

  5. this bangle rocks!!!

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