Design Team changes – meet our newest members!

Things are hoppin’ over here at Le Gauche. First, we bid a sad goodbye to Andrea Davenport – she scored a much-coveted promotion and had to reorder her priorities for the time being – something we all understand. Still, it’s with some sniffling we give our hearty congratulations – Andrea, we love you! Stay in touch when you can, and you know we’ll have you back when it’s time to reshuffle priorities again!  (Don’t you love this picture of her? Schoolgirl charm – she could be a pin-up!)

Second bit of news – we have promoted Angela Pruitt to Captain (Master Alchemist). She is in process of designing our new website, which will include a forum of our very own! (Take that, Ning!) You may have noticed that you can reach the blog by typing in “” as well as the standard “” Once the switch takes place, will take you to our new home page. Whoo hoo!

If you happen to be at CHA next week, Angela will be wandering around, foisting our business cards on bystanders with the zest and attitude of a fairy strewing fairy dust. Kas will accompany Angela – so if you see either one of them, give them a big hi and a hug if you’re the touchy-feely type. I’m sure they’ll warn you if they’ve gotten sweaty enough that you might not want to. Of course, they glisten and glow, and they always smell like roses, so no biggie either way. (I think it’s the fairy dust.)

As you may recall, we had several terrifically Gauche applicants we regrettably had to turn away after our last open DT call. Instead of doing another call, we decided to bring a few of them on board. Introducing…. (cue trumpeting of the angels)

Pam Thorburn

Pam is a long-time Gauche Alchemy fan and a past guest designer (Pitching a Tent kit – released last summer). She is published fairly often in the UK (she lives in Scotland), and of course, she curries our favor by using GA goodies in many of her published projects (oh, I know she’ll insist otherwise, but I suspect she’s had a master plan all along!). She’s hella talented – if you haven’t seen her amazing work, you are in for a delightful treat. We’ve rarely come across a better fit for our team, and we are honored to have her join us (the real truth is that *we’ve* had a master plan to recruit her to our team for quite a while)! Welcome, Pam!

Merdrey Chew

Merdrey is another long-time friend and past guest designer. She has a quirky, whimsical style that is somewhat reminiscent of Julie Kirk (whom we miss so dearly) yet is completely and fully her own. She lives in Singapore, and I know you will love her just as much as we do!

Carmen Wing

If you read our blog comments, you’ll be well acquainted with Carmen. She hails from England. Although we have the same last name, we didn’t previously know each other. Although my ancestors left England in U.S. colonial days, it’s likely that we’re somehow related and just don’t know exactly how. In any case, I’m happy to call her family by whatever means necessary! Carmen’s anything-goes style is a metric ton of fun and is sure to kick your brain to the outer limits when you creativity seems to falter. She loves Alice Cooper and gothy grusomeness, yet she crafts a mean altered duckie. A contradiction of a woman? We don’t think so – she’s just… well… Gauche. She doodles… she flings paint… she knows how to make a perfect mess… check out her blog and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Welcome aboard, Carmen!

Rebecca Price

Rebecca was first introduced to Gauche Alchemy when she worked with our kits for a small Scrap n’Art feature last year. You may recall that our very own Angela created Scrap n’Art and continues to contribute and design for them. (If you haven’t checked it out, it’s super affordable and chock full of ideas, tips, techniques, and opportunities to win fabulous prizes. There will also be an article on Gauche Alchemy appearing in the fall!) She describes her style as “an eclectic mix of grungy-pretty-dirty-pure.” Fasten your seatbelts, Gauchites – I think Rebecca’s gonna take you for a joyride!

Deb Hill

Last but not least, we’d like to introduce you to Deb Hill. It is extremely unusual for us to bring someone onto our team who doesn’t have an online presence, but Deb has a secret weapon: in addition to being an experienced and enthusiastic papercrafter, she lives in Gilbert, Arizona. She will be working with Heather and me to bring you more kits and get our subscription service going – she’s thankfully close enough to jump in and get her hands dirty with the more thankless tasks here at GA headquarters.  (Of course, none of the rest of you get a chance to handle all the glorious inventory on a regular basis, so these thankless tasks do have their compensations, including snitching a bit here and there… a girl’s got her price, ya know!)   In addition, we’ll be mentoring her in the ways of online community so she can share her talents and inspiration with you all. It’s gonna be so much fun… a whole new world for her – let’s show her what she’s been missing!

17 Responses

  1. So many congrats to everyone!!! I am so excited to see all the new work!!

  2. Huzzaaaaaaah! Am so so SO excited you have no idea. Am about to explode all over the place.

    Thank you GA and hello teamies 😀 Group hug!

  3. Wow! I’m so excited to be working alongside all our new super talented members! 🙂 Welcome!!!

  4. I am checking out the blogs….MY WORD is there some amazing talent in this group.

  5. Welcome new members!!!

  6. Hello There Everyone!
    Carmen my Carmen. So now I have to wonder if both You and Amy are related to me?
    To touch all that yumminess! I wonder how long it will take to hit 80,000 hits here?

  7. Oh Joyce how cool would that be?? Sistaaaaahs are doin’ it for themselvessss. Be very thankful you can’t hear me singing right now.

  8. Congratulations, ladies. So many familiar faces on the new team! I’m excited to see all the great stuff you’ll be making.

    Have fun at CHA, Kas and Angela.

  9. Well done all! If you’re all as talented as young Carmen then the world is going to explode sometimes soon!

    *hugs* to you all and well done… I wish I were talented!


  10. When it explodes, maybe it will POUR M & M’s hehe

    Welcome aboard Gauchites!!!

    Let’s ROCK!

  11. *drags a whole lot of M&Ms from Singapore (which would have melted) and POURS IT ALL OVER!!!*


  12. Woohoosie! I’m excited to join you ladies!

  13. welcome ladies! SHOW US WHAT CHA GOT!

  14. welcome everyone!!!!!
    Cant wait to get gauche with you!

  15. Awesome news! Looks like the DT’s gonna get a lot hotter with such awesome new talent! Can’t wait to be inspired by you gals! Congrats all around! =)

  16. Did someone mention my name? What a lovely thing to say – thank you.

    Congratulations new Gaucheites! You’re going to have an amazing time – they certainly know how to treat a lady … I promise!

    Looking forward to seeing your work.

    Julie x

  17. WOW! I am in the big leagues for sure. I’m excited and proud to be among all of this FAULOUS talent! I can’t wait!

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