Hot Hot Hop!

If you’ve joined us from the Bombshell Stamp/Gauche Alchemy blog hop, welcome!  The theme of this blog hop is HOT HOT HOT!  Perhaps you love (as do I) Marilyn Monroe’s whimsical ways in the movie “Some Like it Hot”…or hot rod cars, or a hot tamale (do they still make that candy?).  For Amy and I who live in the wretched desert of Phoenix, the word hot is something very specific and tangible to us…like the 115 degree day we enjoyed today!

All sweating aside, I’d like to suggest that HOT is more that just a temperature; it’s a state of mind.

Feeling inspired, I decided to create a little card in honor of summer.  I used some of the cardstock and vintage children’s books featured in the premier installment of our Acme kit subscriptions.  I then added some embellishments from the the Blue Streak color kit, and used the Tattoo font stamps from Bombshell to give it a happy title.

Don’t you love the pink tile in our master bathroom– circa 1957, I believe!

Well, you’ve got alot of hopping to do, so you better get on with it! But before you go, please leave a comment here; the Gauche Alchemy prize for this hop will be a random drawing from the commenters on THIS post for a triple color kit with Banana Hammock, Lady Marmalade, and Scarlet Fever.

Here’s the list…make sure to say hi to all the girls and see what hot hot ideas they’ve come up with!
Gauche Alchemy **you are here**
Merdrey Chew

29 Responses

  1. Beautiful card ,love the vintage children’s book paper..hugs Anita

  2. OOOOh, I do love the tiles. What a cute card. I love the idea!

  3. This is awesome! I love that style of drawing…it’s so sweet! The addition of the tatoo font is unexpected and extremely cool! This is just fabulous!

  4. Oh I love the vintage childen’s book paper you used! What a fun summer card!

  5. I am totally smitten with this piece!! Yes they still make Hot Tamale candies (one of my absolute favs!) 😉 and I LOVE the pink tile c. 1957!! It’s AWESOME!! I’m a huge fan of the vintage home decor!

    This creation is simply darling. I love the lettering, the vintage paper and all of the bits and bobs around it.

    Fabulous piece.

    Crafty Hugs!

  6. I CANNOT believe you have an original pink bathroom! I am SO jealous! lol

    Such a cute card, love the vintage look!

    Happy Hop Day! 🙂

  7. So cool! Love your creation! Love pink too! 😀

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Vintage childrens book look to this project! They totally still make Hot Tamales(love that candy, and cinnamon toothpicks!) anyway, I love what you have done!

  9. I don’t recall those alpha stamps being used before, I think now that I have I’ll put them on my list. Okay, mostly everone else has tooooo….pink, pink, pink bathroom, yay

  10. Such a sweet card and the tile is fabulous hehe

  11. Love this bit of retro art! It totally takes me back to being a kid and reading Dick and Jane books ;D LOL…I am feeling so nostalgic now. Thanks for that trip down memory lane 🙂

  12. Love the vintage whimsical feel to this piece.

    BTW, they do still make Hot tamales and have added Flaming Hot Tamales which are even better. They’re especially good dumped over movie popcorn – that is if you have a total disregard for calories and fat 🙂

  13. I love your card it shouts hot lazy summer days (not that we have had much of them this year in England)
    Luv Jane xxx

  14. Love this adorable card! So nostalgic, and so is your beautiful pink bathroom tile!

  15. Cutie, Heather! This is such a fun hop! Maybe I’ll finally be able to use more of my stash! =)

  16. I love the happy families retro feel!! Go Go Gauche! 🙂

  17. Love the canvas and vintage feel.

  18. I adore this pice-so vintage cute_ and pink tiles I could live with-but I HAD to get rid of our advocado ones!

  19. P.S. Just got the NEW Gauche Alchemy newsletter in my inbox! Thank you sooo much for the shout-out! You totally made my day. =)

    And, yes, Carmen, you so rocked the newsletter! =)

  20. Okay, that is so weird. I KNOW I left a comment earlier but now have no idea where it went.

    Heather dear, this is just totally sweet and brilliant!

    Had so much fun on the hop! Hope it keeps my creative side going to actually dip into my stash. =)

    P.S. Just got the NEW Gauche Alchemy newsletter in my inbox. And it is, without a doubt, brilliant! Err, a little bit DIRT-Y though. *wink*

    Thanks so much for the shout-out! Totally made my day. =)

    And, Carmen, you so rocked the newsletter! =)

  21. Nina – thank you for that, am so pleased you like it 😀 I loved all your Flickr pieces!

    Hot tamales – do you know I always thought they were hot taco’s? *blush* I need to brush up on American goodies!

    I love this piece Heather – it’s just whacked me straight in the face with a wave of nostalgia! Gorgeous. I especially love the smaller circle with the doggies – reminds me of my two jack russells *g*

  22. The dogs are so cute on this. My daughter really loved it and wanted them immediately.

  23. really like the vintage childrens book images.

  24. This card is gorgeous i love the retro images xxxx

  25. Awesome!! Would love to win your kits.. came here through yvonne’s blog..

  26. Oh, I lvoe the vintage images!! I was recently led to you blog and I’m just lovin’ the inspiration!!

  27. this is so cool! I love it

  28. I love the vintage its awesome thanks for inspiring ! : p

  29. […] how we did a blog hop way back with Bombshell Stamps?  Or how about that August challenge of ours?  Well, after basking […]

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