Theme Day is in The Cards

Hi everyone!

Maggi here with this month’s Theme Day! Today we’re talking all about ATCs and I cannot wait to show you the Design Team’s creations!

ATC stands for “Artist Trading Card”, think like a baseball card for artists. They can be made of anything on any subject but they have to be 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 in size. You can keep your ATCs for your greedy little self or “trade” them with other ATC artists. There’s even an entire forum, ATCs for All that is dedicated just to Artist Trading Cards. But enough chit chat, on to the cards! 😀


I made this ATC using the ACME Kit and the Kitsch Delish Kit.

Deb made this awesome ATC, complete with spinning disk!


I used braille paper from the Wholey Sheet Kit and rivet/stud thingy from the Wedding Night Mixed Media Color Kit. LOVE that bit of paper with Braille writing!

Erika made these two pretty ATCs:


I did a little masking on canvas paper and used Ouchless Cardboard and parts from the It’s All Gravy, Baby, Lady Marmelade and Envy Mixed Media Color Kits.


I started off with a cardboard label from a t-shirt as my base and used distress ink and acrylic paint on it (mainly to bring out the raven, love raven images) I used bits from Black Out (the dagger, which I alcohol inked), Purple People Eater and Scarlet Fever Mixed Media Color Kits.


This ATC is titled “LOVE makes the world go round”! Mounted in a frame =) I used the Ouchless Cardboard as a base..topped off with the punchinella and stuff from the Pink Parts and Banana Hammock Mixed Media Color Kits!

And there you have it!  ATCs out the wazoo for your eye candy enjoyment.  😀  Do you create ATCs?  What’s your favorite ATC technique?  We’d love to see your ATCs so why not share them in our Flickr Group?

Now go glue something awesome onto some awesome something!  😀

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9 Responses

  1. Wow! These are awesome creations! 🙂

  2. Guys and guys and guys…ooooh I likey.
    Maggi daaawling, you got some large atc’s there{3-1/2x 5-1/2}. Wouldn’t that be cool to have a little more space to play.
    Have they changed the size?
    How do I like em? well, about a month ago now I made a big background sheet for atc’s and afterwards I realized I had cut 22 of them! I mean I could have left some of the background sheet for something else, right?!?!

  3. Ha, you’re right Joyce! That’s what I get for blogging in the AM. hahahaha Fixed!

  4. OM Gosh, you are just all awesome creating goddesses! Love them all! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    Ugh, should really try to make some more ATCs. But, currently, have an entire business card album to fill. So guess it’ll have to wait. =p

  5. You ladies absolutely blow me away – each and every one of these makes my heart sing!

  6. Yes-these are great ladies!!!

  7. cool!! I love them all!

    Ooooh, I see a swap in my future….

  8. Oh wow some amazing ATC’s here and all so different.

  9. i have yet to do any ATCs but you guys make it look so effortless and fun! I might have to make some …. and maybe we should do a GA ATC swap! anyone game?

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