Carmen and the Color Kits

Carmen here! 😀

One of the first things I noticed when opening my box of scrumptiousness from Gauche Alchemy was just how many beads come in the Mixed Media Color Kits. I knew straight away I wanted to have a play at making a bracelet for someone.

Using memory wire and beads from Scarlet Fever, Blue Streak, Wedding Night and Pink Parts Mixed Media Kits along with some extra beads from my stash I created this bracelet as a late birthday present for a special little girl I know.

I used a pair of curved end/circlip pliers to just bend either end of the memory wire in on itself to stop the beads coming off – you can use little silver end beads but the ones I have are quite a loose fit and I didn’t want to risk super gluing them on (can you tell I’m a novice jewelery maker? *g*) as the little girl is quite young – this seemed like a good idea to get around that. And I do like the effect.

Why not grab a couple of bags of mixed media yumminess and have a play yourself? If you do please show and tell, why not upload to our Flickr group or Facebook page? You could find yourself featured in the next issue of DIRT! The Gauche Alchemy newsletter for the discerning Artiste.

Carmen x


12 Responses

  1. OMG that looks awesome… I’m sure Samantha will adore it 🙂

    Butterfly and flower-tastic 🙂


  2. Are those duckies on there? lol


  3. Thanks Gail 😀 Do you mean the red beads? No they are really unusually shaped beads that came in the Scarlet Fever kit. Sort of triangular but knobbly.

  4. I just love this bracelet! You did an amazing job Carmen!

  5. I think this little girl will love it you have done a fabby job hun

    love Dawn xx

  6. so awesome carmen! you’re right – there are so many fun little beads and things in the color kits – never thought to make jewlery – duh! I think you’ve inspired me to finally make some hairclips i’ve been talking about making for like 5 years! Thanks for stretching my brain a bit today – the bracelet is so magnificent!!!

  7. oh my-that is just so CUTE!!

  8. What an awesome bracelet Carmen! I want one too!!! 🙂

  9. Someone special is going to LOVE that! It’s really cool!

  10. Oooh, lovely! Thanks so much for the inspiration, Carmen. You definitely do not look like a novice jewelry maker. You should see my stuff. Ugh. lol. Haven’t made anything in ages though so thanks so much for the inspiration! =)

  11. ooooooh, it’s lickable

  12. this is so cool carmen!!! Way to go!!! I never thought of doing anything that’s non scrapbooking related with the kits. Thanks for sharing!!!

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