Introducing Alchemist Deb!

Officially, this will be my introduction, Hi there, I’m Deb. I am totally new to the online world of creativeness, and am loving it as I find my “niche” (it’s more like a doorknob hole punched accidentally into drywall…we all have one of those, right?) I am thrilled to be a design team member for such an awesome brainchild. The vintage stuff and goodies is just outstanding. I consider myself pretty original with a lot of my ideas, but the product for GA makes the creative dial turn way up! The possibilities are endless! And I must admit, being the only local gal in the bunch for now, it is quite satisfying gettin’ my hands on the all the stuff before anyone else does (tee hee).

So, a little about myself: I am 29 years old again……..uh…..what? Oh! I keep forgetting to up that number. 😛 So, okay we will just say that I’m older than 29 and actually have only been paper crafting about 6 years. I have always been a “crafter” and worked with several mediums my whole life, but I do consider my soul to be in paper crafting and home decor items (which can be messy and totally GAUCHE!)

When I am not playing with the GA vintage goodies or taking care of the beautiful family I have, I work full time as a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care) nurse. I must say that this work is very rewarding. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else (well, let’s be honest, if I could scrapbook all day…and get paid well for it, I might do that.)

Anyway, as some of you know, I live here in Arizona, and frequent the company of our beloved GA creators (they are great in person!) I am originally from AZ but grew up in New Mexico, spent a short time as a younger adult on the US east coast, and then returned to the “southwest.” (Maybe I missed the cactus, but not some of the other critters here and certainly not the 102 degree heat we have at night!)

Scrapbooking is an endless task. There is always a new project a brewin’. Lately I have been placing my children’s artwork into scrapbooks. I use the art as the focal point instead of a photo. These I sometimes love more than any photo I have of them. I also dabble with home decor and mini albums.

It is important to me to make my projects interactive and functional, but at the same time, always cherished. Currently, I find myself adding “bling” amongst the “trash” on my projects. As I have been learning to become more of a girl as I get older, my projects do too! HA!



8 Responses

  1. Stunning and BEYOND GORGEOUS!! The flower wreath page is my FAVORITE!!!

    crafty hugs!

  2. I have to agree with Meredith – that flowers wreath page is amazing but coming close is the blue Enya page. WOW – love what you did with that!

    Gorgeous amaziness!

  3. Welcome to the team and to the strange yet captivating world of onlineness!
    I agree with them all – STUNNING WORK!

  4. Love your Enya project! So glad you’re with us!

  5. You do amazing work Deb! So glad we’re on the same team! 🙂

  6. What stunning projects DEb!!!

  7. Wow! What gorgeous projects you created. Especially love the Enya with the punchinella touch.

  8. wow! gorgeous!! cant wait to see more of your work!

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