Yvonne Scraps in Black and White

Hi, Yvonne here!
I love black and white photos. Somehow I feel like there’s more to see because you aren’t distracted by a whole burst of colors and can focus on the details of the photos. What do you think?

My layout features two black and white photos of my older brother when he was a baby and my dad shirtless! 😉
Mood swing

Some masking and inking on the background cardstock for some subtle texture…and bits from the Lady Marmelade Orange Mixed Media Color Kit and a double layer of punchinella!!!

7 Responses

  1. This is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Just delicious and gorgeous!!!

    Crafty Hugs!

  2. gorgeous Yvonne-and I agree I love b&w photos, but I’m also a sucker for colour..

  3. Love that double layer of Punchinella! And the totle… and just everything about, it so warm and yummy.

  4. totle = title. Oops 😀

  5. Very nice! I love black and white photos too! So very dramatic!

  6. This layout is so beautiful! I love how you layered the punchinella!

  7. love the double layer punchinella!!! =) This layout rocks!

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