Life is change

We are blessed here at Gauche Alchemy to have so many talented designers.  They are dynamic creative people, and like most of us, their lives are in flux.  We are truly honored that they share their time and talents with us.  And at times, we bid them good wishes and a sad adieu as they move into another phase of their lives.

We’d like to say goodbye to three our of designers, and we hope you will join us by leaving a comment for them with your well wishes and thanks.  We hope they won’t go too far and we’ll see them hanging around and contributing.

First, thank you, Captain Maggi Flynn.  You have been instrumental in the flavor Gauche Alchemy had developed over the past many months, and you’ve been with us as a supporter and cheerleader since the very beginning!  Your talent and dedication are second to none.  We are so gratified to have been given the benefit of your vision, your snark, and your “go glue something to something” attitude!  🙂  Thanks, girl.  The heart of Gauche Alchemy will always have a cluster of cells deep within that have your name written all over them.

Erika Taylor, Goddess of Beautiful Paper and Wild Hair, you will be dearly missed.  You have infused so much fun, whimsy, and full-on snark to our team.  As you move from the wilds of Saskatchewan to a more civilized area, our hearts and glue sticks go with you, my friend.

Deb Hill, my new best friend, you won’t get very far because I know where you live!  😉  Don’t be afraid of my stalking, for I carry ephemera, paper, and various art tools with me.  We haven’t had Deb on our team for long, but as she heads back to school, our best wishes go with her – and she’ll be around as much as she can to share more of her genius with us.  We are privledged to have been the impetus for Deb to start sharing her work online.  It is so very worthy of sharing, so pop on over to her blog sometime and say hello.

We have one more announcement, and this is a big ‘un.  Angela Pruitt has joined Heather and I as a full partner.  Angela has the talent, drive, vision, and business savvy to be the perfect addition to our founding team in order to bring Gauche Alchemy to fruition.  We’re gonna be all we can be, folks, and Angela’s got some great ideas.   You’re gonna wanna stick around and see how her guiding presence will change the face of all things Gauche.  (The above will soon be the official costume of the design team.  It’s what all the scrap fairies are wearing.)


4 Responses

  1. Congratulations Angela on becoming a full GA partner. How exciting for all of you.

    All the very best to Maggi, Erika and Deb. Looking forward to seeing what paths your creativity leads you down.

  2. It’s been a great pleasure working alongside these talented people at GA. I wish you all the best in your creative endeavors Maggi, Erika and Deb!

    And a big congrats to Angela on being a full partner at GA.

  3. We will def miss those who are leaving.

    **By the way ….Angela EARNED those wings!
    She’s fantastic…..and a good friend.

  4. Well, as the sentiment goes, this isn’t really goodbye. There’s only a handful of us crazy, Gauchities out there and once you’re in, you’re tainted for life! Mwa-ha-ha.

    Seriously though, I will seriously miss seeing you fab ladies over here. Will have to stalk you now individually. =p Best of luck wherever your creative feet lead.

    Congrats, Angela, you are in wonderful company over here! =)


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