Winners! And paper flowers with cupcake liners!

Hey everyone!

Remember how we did a blog hop way back with Bombshell Stamps?  Or how about that August challenge of ours?  Well, after basking in the yumminess of your entries – and finally cooling down from the heat of that hop – we’ve picked some winners.

From the commenters on the hop, decided to rain some GA love on Cheryl Valadez – so Cheryl, congrats!  (See people?  Sometimes your two cents can land you some really awesome stuff!)

And from the entries in our August Challenge, wanted to love on Frieda Oxenham – Congrats to you, too!

Cheryl – please send us your snail mail addy.  Frieda – to which e-mail shall we send your gift certificate?  Please let us know at!

Alrighty… how about something crafty?  I broke out the ouchless cardboard, hacked off an 8×8 piece, Blacked Out with Lady Marmalade… and wound up with this:

Now, before all you entomologists go freaking out on me, please note:  I am well aware that spiders have 8 legs… this one, however, is rather sensitive about it’s missing appendages.  You see, there’s more to that Miss Muffet story than what you think… that bee-yotch did run off…but only briefly.  She went home to find something to smoosh Mr. Spider with – and managed to smoosh him enough to result in a double-leg amputation…. Poor guy.  (Or… Steph ran out of pipe cleaner.  Whatever.)

Check out those flowers – I’m rather impressed with how they turned out.  Hello, Halloween Cupcake Liners!  If you’re lucky enough to subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll already know how to make these beauties… just follow my Doily Flower Tutorial, and you’ll be set!  (Holy vain, Batman…lol)

Alrighty folks.  I’ve got to figure out where I’m going to stamp on this sucker, so I can enter it in Smeared & Smudged’s ‘Oh, The Horror’ challenge – which, by the way, the awesomness known as Gauche Alchemy is sponsoring this month… SO CHECK IT OUT! (please?)



2 Responses

  1. How wonderful to have won! I’m over the moon!

  2. Congrats to the winners!

    Love your flowers Steph! 🙂

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