Someone’s in the Kitchen with Kas…

Kas Here!

We needed a cookbook for a family at Let There Be Mom.
It just needed to contain a few recipes for each child.
So I put the Kitsch Delish Paper Craft Mixed Media Kit to work……
I like to put my kits into these great envelopes and label them when I get a new kit.
I like the envelopes because that way little pieces don’t get lost.

I started with a Dollar Store mini-album.
The first step was taking it all apart and getting the cover….covered.

Then I added all the goodies.

We will add the recipe cards into this book and then hand it off.
Consider making a donation and helping a mother when they,
or their child’s father, are diagnosed with a life threatening
illness by preserving the legacy of the ailing parent.


4 Responses

  1. Aww, Kas, what a wonderful cause and a wonderful project. Kudos, girl.

  2. It’s gorgeous Kaz and what a fantastic thing to do for someone. .

  3. Love it Kas! Great work and great work!!

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