Oh, the Horror!

As promised, here’s another opportunity to win GA goodies and have loads of fun doing it.  If you haven’t heard, there’s an awesome challenge site called Smeared and Smudged – Alternative, Vintage, and Gothic Art Rubber Stamping.

Each month they pick a horror poster to draw inspiration from. This month it’s Arachnophobia (yikes!). Participants can create anything they want: scrapbook page, altered art, anything – as long as there is at least one stamped image on it somewhere (Smeared & Smudged house rule). At the end of the month,  all participants are placed into the pot at random.org, and a winner is chosen. In order to play along, you need to be a member of S&S, but that’s no biggie – it’s free.  🙂

So head on over there, play along, and maybe win some free Gauche goodies in the bargain!  Here’s what we are offering as a prize – a special orange and black Halloween mixed media color kit (actual items in the kit will vary – this photo is representative of the type of things you’ll find in any color kit).


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