seeing things from a different perspective part 2

lara here …

it all started on a roadtrip in rural wisconsin with my two best friends. We stopped at a teeny convenience store for some snacks and i came across a small bin of Wisconsin-centric erasers. A lone pink cow moo’ed my name…

Along the way we would stop and take in the scenery. As a joke I decided to use the cow to be the subject of my photos in different places and there was born this obsession of taking pictures of the pink cow in any place that would otherwise be a boring old scenery shot OR a place I myself wish I could fit into. It really made me shift how I see the world.

(outside my window at work at sunrise)

The pink cow has now seen the serene terrain of rural wisconsin, the concrete jungle of Atlanta, Georgia and the quaint midwest of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

funny story about this shot. One thing the pink cow makes me do is get into positions, like laying in the ground, crouching in the corner, to get the right shot. Well, this photo is a macro of a BIG painted rock in Ann Arbor – when i say big i mean probably 5 feet of paint from 50 years of painting build up. I saw the bottom of the drippy layers and stopped to photograph it. I layed on the ground to get underneath, getting up to discovered I myself was covered in wet paint! D’oh! All for the shot y’all….

So, a season of pink cows…
i challenge YOU to look at the world through different eyes and plains of view…


9 Responses

  1. That’s very fortuitous-I have just posted a challenge along this lines on one of my flickr groups…

  2. What a neat idea!

  3. SO COOOLLLLLLLL!!! Love it!!

  4. What an awesome idea on gaining perspective! 🙂

  5. My I have a copy of the photo with the Clowns?
    Is there a way to purchase one?

    In a way I have been looking at the world with new eyes or view point. I take Suzi Blu’sclasses. I also, am involved with A.R.T. A yahoo group, for the first time ever I hosted a
    workshop- ” How to Do Zentangles “. Also, I took Carla Sonheim’ Silly Drawings 2. So, to liven it up for me; I printed my work out not only on white typing paper but Card stock in White, Cream and Pink, Blue Yellow. It makes a

    Sherrie Roberts

  6. Hi Sherrir – no problem you using it. 🙂
    If you want a higher resolution one let me know – I can email.
    Would love to see how you use it!

    Thanks everyone for your comments!
    Its been fun travelling with the little cow!

  7. hahaha! That’s awesome, Lara! Geez, I could use some whimsey in my life right about now… maybe I need to get a pink cow eraser! 😉

  8. My daughter has a similar cow. While hasn’t traveled with us before…perhaps he now…shall.

  9. My daughter had a cow like this and one of her little friends beheaded it! She’s so bummed, can you tell me where you got this so I can find a replacement?

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