Stephanie’s Mixed Media Adventure

Stephanie Here!

What is art? Who defines what works and what doesn’t? Sometimes, you need to throw all the ‘rules’ out the window, and just let your art take you where it may. I went on such an adventure tonight… And did things my normally-very-true-to-most-things-Virgo self would never let me do – I made something completely unnecessary, and 100% free & fun. Admittedly, I originally started out with a plan, Lady Marmalade Orange Kit, Black Out Kit, a 5×7 canvas and Mod Podge…. It is, after all, about time I put something Halloween-ie up… but after digging through those two Colour Kits, I decided I needed something from Scarlet Fever Red Kit. Upon digging into that bag, I found the ‘Hello, my name is’ sticker, annnnnnnd… all hell broke loose after that!

I’ve always loved the number 13; it’s always been lucky for me… and despite not particularly liking cats*, I would probably take in some poor black beastie should it have been cast out due to superstition… and while checking out all of the other Mixed Media Color Kits, everything else just sort of… informed me where it wanted to go. Sometimes, it just is what it is, and if you love it, it’s a bonus! It’s also pretty fun when you can fit something from every single Color Kit on one project – if you think you can do it, make damn sure you add your projects to the GA Flickr Group!

*don’t worry, I don’t discriminate. I dislike all furry in-the-home creatures the same….unless they lick me. Then I hate them. Ew. *insert nose wrinkle here* (my children don’t feel they need to lick me to express their love… why would I tolerate some smelly-breathed critter doing so?)

Gauche Alchemy Mixed Media Colour Kits: Winter Slush Blue Kit, Wedding Night White Kit, Pink Parts Kit, Scarlet Fever Red Kit, Banana Hammock Yellow Kit, Lady Marmalade Orange Kit, Envy Green Kit, Blue Streak Kit, Purple People Eater Kit, Black Out Kit, It’s All Gravy Baby! Brown Kit!
Mod Podge

K & Co. Spook-tacular Paper & Border Strip
5×7 Canvas
Martha Stewart Glow-in-the-Dark Glitter


2 Responses

  1. Love it Kas 😀 and the story that went with it. I’m stuck in a house of slobbery dogs and the rest of the family love them whereas I most definitely AM a puddy tat person! *sigh*

  2. I too have dogs that love to lick. Not my fav thing! My daughter will lay down and let the dogs lick her face until they have removed the first layer of skin. LOL


    BUT, your cool project is far from all that.. LOVE IT

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