Yvonne is so vain, she thinks this post is about her


Ahhh…the price of vanity! These shoes look as good on me as they hurt my feet. But a woman has gotta have her heels! 🙂 I wore these shoes just once and the lesson learnt? Save it for days I drive or for sit-down dinners! High heels and TB (tiny bladder) don’t work well together! 😉 Any other vainpots like me? (Yvonne here in case you didn’t know)

I did a lot of fussy cutting on this layout, mounting some of the elements on foam dots for some extra dimension. The fun part was adding all the cutesy stuff from the various Gauche Alchemy Mixed Media Color Kits!


3 Responses

  1. 😀 This did make me laugh Yvonne and I can quite honestly say I don’t wear heels. Mainly cos I is 5’10 and my lovely other half is – er – (how do you say short arse nicely??) But also the last time I even tried to wear heels I nearly took out two innocent bystanders and a bouncer. I DID flatten my sister and have her sprawled on the floor with me. It was definitely the shoes and not the alcohol we had ingested 😉

    Love this page – so FUN!

  2. Yvonne…..I have more than one pair of shoes that looks WAY better than they feel. (I have large feet)

    PLEASE tell me what paper that you used. I LOVE it as much as your layout!

  3. Kas, the papers are from American Crafts!

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