A card made of no glue…

lara here…

i love layer+
i love texture+
i love grunge+
i love color+
the Wholey Sheet Kit=

a birthday card for a friend.
I finally figured out a new way to use screen as something more than a cool embellishment or spray paint mask – it’s the base of the card!
I covered the edges with duct tape so they wouldnt poke anyone (even though i friggin love the look of unravelling screen).
Then i sewed some black buttons to the screen (conveniently found from a Black Out Kit) and put on some letters.

I’ve been using pretty much anything i can find as a spray paint mask – so i had some super cool looking Punchinella and plastic canvas (from the Wholey Sheet Kit) that were layered with different paints and inks from projects passed, cut them up then layered them on the screen using brads and staples. Yes people, there’s NO glue on this bad boy!

All i have to say is yummmmmmm……

So excited by my see through card!!!! 😀


5 Responses

  1. awesome yumminess Lara

  2. ooo..perfect project for those times when i’m no glue! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. wow! that is very cool!

  4. Really grungy and cool! What a neat idea Lara! 🙂

  5. Wicked, awesome rockin cool!!!

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