Colourful Feelings

Have you ever noticed how different colors impact us in different ways?

Case in point: Blue for calmness and serenity



Or dark colors to show moodiness…

Dark side

Rainbow colors to evoke fun and playfulness…

Love notes

My style

So, the next time you reach for your Mixed Media Color Kits to embellish your projects, think about the feeling you want to evoke.


5 Responses

  1. such beautiful pages and a wonderful post.
    Color revives all of us.
    xo bonnierose

  2. Girls…I am BLOWN AWAY!!! As the holidays have been a bit overwhelming for me it’s been a bit hard to motivate to create, to find the inspiration. But all I have to do is check my email to see the GORGEOUS creations from you amazingly talented ladies and VOILA my mojo comes back!!

    Thanks for sharing these stunning creations!

    Crafty Holiday Hugs!

  3. As always, such gorgeous creations Yvonne – am still chuckling at the Darkside one 😀

  4. Gorgeous eye candy ladies!!! Loved the layouts!

  5. oh my word. Your work is always so wonderful to see. Thank you so much. I am really inspired to make some new layouts. : )

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