Adieu 2010 – a tribute to our retiring designers

Happy New Year!

We thought a perfect way to ring in 2011 would be to revisit the amazing artists we’ve had as designers in 2010.  Specifically, I would like to focus on those who have left our humble Gauche-y abode for other ventures and adventures. We have been so awesomely blessed with the talent that has represented us in the past year.  Let’s take a look…

First, let’s talk about Pam Thorburn.  Pam has been with us since summer of 2009, when she made most excellent use of our Pitching a Tent kit.  In fact, she had a 4-page article based on what she did with the kit published in Scrapbook Magazine (the UK scrapbooking mag).  She is now focusing on her photography and a few other random acts of creativity, but we’ve let her know as soon as she’s ready to come back, she’ll always be welcome in the Gauche family.  Her blog is truly one to watch – don’t let her slip away.  Sincerely.

Another designer we’ve regretably had to say goodbye to this year is Erika Taylor.  Sometimes life intervenes and we have to spend a little more time focusing on things other than flinging paint, glue and paper.  Such was the life of Erika Taylor this year… but we have good news!  She will be joining us in January as a guest designer!  And you’ll want to keep up with her blog because she’s got some good Gauche Alchemy schtuff to give away in celebration of her bloggy birthday.  (I will never get over Erika’s sproingy curls. If we ever meet in person, Erika, you best wear a hat lest your curls prove too much for me.  You’ll end up looking like a maypole by the time I’m done weaving paper and ribbon through it… hmmm…)

We had a brief interlude with Deb Hill this year.  She has since become one of my very bestest friends, as she lives only a short distance from me… I really needed some local help, and she was absolutely perfect in every way.  Except that she started back to school when we had only just begun, and … well… I had to reluctantly let her out of her Gauche Alchemy duties to concentrate on that worthy venture.  I know she’d much rather be doing the fun stuff with us, but at times these decisions must be made.  It was a brief but awesome ride with Deb.  Just search the blog for her work – you’ll see what I mean.  I should photograph her whole house.  Then you’d REALLY see what I mean!  😉

We truly miss Andrea Davenport.  She gave us her phenomenal talent and inspiration for part of this year – we just had to recruit her for our full-time design team after the amazing work she did as our very first guest designer in October of 2008.  Her doodly, journal-y style is always engaging – search on her work in the blog – you’ll see just what I mean.  Better yet, head on over to her blog (click on her name above).

Hey, doesn’t Andrea look like the perfect vintage pin-up girl?  I wonder if we can convince her to do a full dolled-up photo shoot?

Let’s talk about the influential designers who have made Gauche Alchemy what it is today – the Captains!

We lost several amazing captains this year, and we miss them dearly.  Of course, we support their new projects, and so should you!

Let’s start with the rambunctious and persnickety Maggi Flynn.  Do you miss her as much as we do?  She left us for a much larger project – namely, gestation.  🙂  There will soon be another Flynn welcomed to our wonderful world – and what could be better than that!?  Maggi, I expect you to put those wonderful cat eye glasses on the new baby for the birth announcements.  Cuz that would be soooo gauche.

Want a sneak peek?  You know you do!  It’s a GIRL!  Congrats, Maggi!

Julie Kirk holds a special place in our hearts – she’s kind of the poster child for Gauche Alchemy – quirky, green, able to use anything she lays her hands and eyeballs on (in a single bound!).  And she’s also super dooper stinkin’ cute.  🙂  We had her for a limited time – the girl has some awesome projects of her own going on these days… too bad there are only 24 hours in a day – otherwise, we might stand a chance of snagging her back.  *sigh*  If you’re not familiar with Julie, you are totally missing out.  Visit her blog and also her Copy + Paste blog- just go.

Another chickadee who will always have a special place in our hearts is Nicole Maki.  Have you ever known anyone who seems to be able to do it all – and well?  That person who is handed a pile of smelly garbage and somehow whips it into a beautiful monument of gloriousness?  Annoying, right?  Not Nicole – she manages to do so much, so astonishingly well, and yet she is so accessible and loving and fun that you can’t help but love her to pieces.  Her life is an inspiration – and she hasn’t had it easy.  Thanks, Nicole, for being you and for sharing “you” with us.  (Love the quirky, flippy new do, Nicole!  Oh, I mean PRINCESS Nicole!)  😉

Another dedicated Gauche girl, with us from the very beginning, is our very own Nina Patina.  We have missed her as a designer but are happy to see she still reads and comments on the blog quite a bit.  She’s always got a bunch of cool stuff going – be sure to check out her blog.  She always has a unique take on things and the artistic spirit and skill to match.  Nina kept our entire team running for a good chunk of this year (with assistance from our other Captains, of course!).  When you see what we’ve become, Nina is behind quite a bit of it.  We will always look at her time with us with fondness – and one of these days when the time is right, maybe we’ll even lure her back!

Angela Pruitt offered us so much kick-ass inspiration and guidance this year.  She is the founder of Scrap n’Art e-zine, so she’s been around the block and knows a thing or two about a thing or two.  Her advice and organization have always been very much appreciated.  She’s frank yet kind, a wonderful friend.  Whatever she sets her hand to, you better believe you’re gonna want a piece of it – she’s one to keep her eye on, my friends.  Be sure to add her to your blogroll.

Last but not least, my dear friend and Gauche Alchemy co-founder, Heather Pearson, is stepping down as a Gauche Alchemy mama… I am sure you’ll see her here and there in the future, but for now she is focusing on her make-up artistry.  Ah, so many artsy ventures, so little time…


9 Responses

  1. So many changes but GA will have an exciting 2011 for sure!

  2. such wonderfully talented designers.. wow… plse let me know if you need some more… I’d love to be included.. I’d love the chance to play w/your fab kits! hugs and happy new year!

  3. Why, Miss Wing you are making me blush!

    The encouragement, cheerleading and gratitude you + Heather have always shown for your designers is truly a rare and amazing thing. To start a New Year with such a gracious post speaks volumes for you.

    Warm wishes to Heather. x

    I wish GA an amazing year!

    Julie 🙂

  4. I love Ga!!! I come to this blog every single day!!Each and every one of these girls was wonderful!They all inspired me in a different way, and you couldnt have chosen better!Keep up the great work GA!! and I will keep coming back for more!

  5. Oh wow, talk about a walk down memory lane!

    Amy dearest, you know I’m always here for you if ever you need anything, GA-related or otherwise.

    You girls have been so amazing to me. It has been such an honor to work with you and your fantastic products.

    I wish you more power, success, and tons of blessings in the New Year and beyond!

    Love you girls!


  6. What an amazing post! Just loved it – love the work of all these girls and a couple in particular I broder on stalker like obsession (OK I did cross the line into full on stalker mode once or twice *g*) You are all so, SO inspirational.

    Happy New Year girls!

  7. What a wonderful post. Thank you so much for your kind words and if you want to lace my “sproingy” curls with ribbon, I’ll let ya hehe

  8. What an awesome tribute post! They’ve all been inspirational indeed! 🙂

  9. now I am kind of all sad….. too many wonderful people gone away. Miss ya!

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