Kas Likes to (EZ) Mount ‘Em!

Stamps….What the heck to do with them.

  I have tried it all, and I started trying to get them organized before….STARTED.  Well, I am sick of a messy craft area, so I am finishing it up. 

What you will need:

EZ Mount (love that name) Stamp and Stor


Stiff plastic for mounting … did I tell you it was going to be fun…or what!

          (I save all packaging  plastic for this, after Christmas I had a lot, so now I can finish up)


Binder protector sheets

Baseball Card Protectors & 7 Gypsies protectors

White cardstock

 Now my Bombshell Stamps are all organized, I do that as soon as I get them.  I followed the tutorial on Bombshell Stamps for mounting plain red rubber.  Then I cut a piece of recycled plastic that will fit into the bag that the stamps come in.  The container they are in was purchased at Wal-Mart VERY inexpensively. 


For my other stamps I do a similar thing.  The Bombshell bags are great with the Zip-tops they open and close easily, but most stamps don’t come that way.  It is a pain sealing and unsealing the adhesive bags, so I needed another plan.


After mounting the stamps onto plastic the plastic sheets are then slipped into sheet protectors or baseball card protectors.  The card protectors come in small individual compartments, or larger sections.  I also used some 7 Gypsies Clear stamp protectors designed to go on their rack.

Paper Make-up Stamp Set in 7 Gypsies Protector

 I stamped each set onto cardstock and either placed the cardstock in the protector or in front of the set in the basket. 


This was great for all the clear stamps but then I still had some wooden mounted stamps.  They are just take up too much space. 

So, I have removed them from the wood and I am using the EZ mount so that they can be stored with the other stamps.  Just look how much room it has saved from one small drawer.


Now that they are in a basket I can thumb through quite easily.  Who else has things that are easily accessible but still doesn’t take advantage of that….besides me?

 I was fortunate enough to but a file cabinet for 12×12 paper when a local store closed….and I LOVE IT.


They also sell racks at scrapbook stores like this.  I used mine for colored cardstock. 

In my drawers I have some sections by manufacturer, and others by theme…like travel, family, love, etc.

 So, what I am doing now is making themed stamps sets on cardstock to put with the matching themed paper so that I will remember to use the sets.  Some stamps fit into more than one category, so that will allow me to remember what stamps I have when I pull out a file to work on a new page or project.

Here is one for spring.  Now one stamp says Autumn but since the outer edge is a flower I thought I might also use it for spring and cover the middle.  I will now put this into the folder marked spring.


My next blog post about organizing is all about recycling, and upcycling your life into organization.  Hope you can use some of these ideas.



3 Responses

  1. i store my cling stamps like this.. in file folders tabbed in file boxes.. it works for me.. love this way of storing all my rubber mounted cling stamps.. it’s a fab idea! hugs

  2. Great idea – my unmounteds (luckily I don’t have that many stamps… yet!) are all lobbed in a box. I will have to follow your lead Kas. I must admit I nearly fell off my chair to see you have removed your wooden mounted ones from their wood. Again I don’t have many but those I do are up on display – they sense what I’ve just read methinks – they are vibrating with terror. Fear not my pretties, fear not 😀

  3. ok Carmen…shhh .(I haven’t thrown away the wood yet…) They will actually be showing their faces again for a project. I love them too, but display area is something I don’t really have! I have GREAT windows….but NO wall space.

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