Erika’s Wonderbra

Oh how I love Gauche Alchemy. It’s like that old bra that fits so darn well. You know the one that is missing some elastic edge and is fades but FITS SO WELL!!! The one that you use safety pins on to keep it together!!! Yes Gauche, you are my favorite BRA of the art world. Something I alter, and use safety pins with *swoon*. Hey everyone it is Erika Taylor here and I’m so elated that the Gauche Girls were so “comforting” and “supportive” about asking me to come back and join them for the month of January. It’s all about organizing and I’ve got a couple things to share with you…and no it is NOT my intimate’s drawers, but there will be drawers I say!!!

Today I’ve got a little box that I created using an old Fererre Roche box. I wanted something sweet and sassy to put all of my little Gauchy trinkets in. So I started to get dirty, creative and WOWZERS a little treasure box was born. For the project I used a bunch of papers from the Wholey Sheet Mixed Media Kit. There were some amazing things in mine: some beautiful butterfly parchment paper and wonderful vintage book pages. I also used torn pieces of napkins from the Paper Napkin Art Kit, to really give this piece a decoupage feel. Then after the box was covered, I used some white acrylic paint and some Punchinella for a stencil to create the bubble wrap stamped look. Genius thinking right?

Are you anxious to see it? You know you wanna right. Well here it is in all its glory. More glory than granny pants and a 1956 wonderbra!!!

You wanna see inside too. I just know it, cause us Gauche Girls are snoopy I say. Heehee. Filled with a bunch of my favorite Mixed Media Color Kits. YUMMO!!!

I created the roses using silk ribbon and grungeboard circles. Love Love Love how those turned out too. It’s all about being inspired and “uplifted”. Gauche Alchemy, you can be my WONDERBRA any day. Love ya


Erika Taylor


4 Responses

  1. This is AWESOME Erika!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE it! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. And you were able to scoff choccies while making it! Perfick all round I say 😀

    Love the colours going on in this – gorgeous!

  3. How artsy is this! I need me a gauchy goodness box too! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing such a fabulous project Erika! 🙂 So glad you could join us this month! 🙂

  4. very arty box!!! =) Nice!

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