A Peek into Merdrey’s Room!

Hello Hello!

Finally…finally…i sat down and got down to cleaning up my scrap area. It is not the neatest of them all, or the most organised, but i know where things are..and i get to see the table top! Here’s where i scrap

My layouts are usually very three dimensional, hence i do not like to put them in albums. What i did was to get a plastic container, put all my layouts in acid-free ziplock bags and roll them under my table. Voila!

What do you think?


5 Responses

  1. […] btw, do drop by the Gauche Alchemy’s blog to check out my scrap area! It’s all packed up for the Lunar New […]

  2. Wonderful space Medrey. It is good to have a spot in the universe to be able to get away and become inspired!

  3. Beautiful space – so light and airy. i often wonder what people do with those 3D pages – it’s good to see 🙂

  4. Wow! looks great. I have a box of some of those layouts. I am trying to get some thick spacers to get some in albums though, so that I can look at them more often!

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