Carmen’s First Love…

Hi everyone and happy Luuuuurve Month to you all.

Today I’m showing you a scrapbook page I did a few of years ago – I think it was one of the first ones I ever did and was still not sure what this scrapbooking lark was all about. I’m never comfortable scrapping ME but it was for a challenge – so I did. And I’m glad because in the nearly 4 years since then (yep I’m 34 at the end of this month) I have actually grown to love me (I didn’t even like myself for such a long time) and this remains one of my favourite pages done to date.

This is a truly recycled page – I was just starting out so the black round the edges is not ink – it’s boot polish, the lace is from a pair of outgrown knickers that were to pretty to throw away *g* the buttons were from my tin, images were downloaded and coloured in with normal felt tips… Alice badge was from my stash of Alice badges…
Does this still describe me? Well yes, Dogma and Labyrinth are still on my favourite films list but are joined by Amelie, Coraline… actually most Tim Burton films and I still adore Bette Davis. I still eat up any vampire fiction I can get my hands on but also zombies, ghosts and well anything slightly bizarre I must admit. Also my shelves are groaning with a new addiction since this page was made – art & craft books!
I still think sarcasm is the highest form of wit and I will always, always have a place in my heart for Mr Cooper *g* I guess the biggest change in the few years since this was made is all the doors that discovering scrapbooking opened up for me. Not only did it reintroduce me to a love of crafts that had been prematurely hidden away in my late teens (long story, should of known better) but it opened my eyes to Blogland and everyone in it. I can’t imagine a day going past now when I’m not thinking about, talking about, learning about or creating art or some sort of craft. How did I ever live without it? No wonder I was miserable!
It’s funny but the start of not liking myself very much began around about the time I stopped creating, imagining, dreaming… in my late teens… and that was because I allowed another person to define me. Says it all really.
So what do I love? I love art, I love creating. I love me! And that’s what’s changed.
Carmen x


5 Responses

  1. Such an awesome page!

    I gave a little cheer when I read,

    “… I love me! And that’s what’s changed.”

    Yay for you!

  2. Congrats on your love! Sometimes loving ourselves is the hardest love of all!!

  3. Bizarre Sarcasm, no, really!!!;)i am so glad that you love you Carmen{{{hugs}}}

  4. haha,
    I heart me and thats what matters!

    We artists are slightly tortured souls… good job in realizing what really matters to you!
    keep up the good work!

  5. So glad you found love Carmen!!! I did have that tortured phase too! 😉

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