Happy Love Month!

Hey Y’all!

So, by now you’ve probably guessed that the monthly theme here at GA for February is ‘Things I Love’… Can’t imagine why that would be, with this being love month & all…  😉

Besides the usual kids, husband, blah blah blah, one of the things I love most is creating things for my 6-year-old daughter, Emily.  She’s one of the few people I know in real life that really appreciates the things I create, and she loves them all the more if they’re things she can take to school to show off to her friends! 

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I figured I better get on making her Valentine mail box for this year.  Last year, I picked up one of those make-it-yourself kits from Hobby Lobby – and it was pretty cool for kindergarten… this year, the original intention was to alter one of those little $1 ones from Target; something that would be a little more solid that she could use for the next couple years, ya know?  Well, that was all well and good, until I found myself at Hobby Lobby yesterday, where they had big papier mache mailboxes – and 40% off, to boot! (YAY!)

I painted this guy up with some Folk Art ‘Metallic Bluye Topaz’ acrylic paint – OMG.  I’m in love with this stuff!  It’s soooo perfectly metallic-y… and the colour range is so bright & fun! (I *might* have bought all the metallic colours…)  On the front door of the box, I added some tulle from the Pink Parts Mixed Media Colour Kit, along with some teal satin ribbon, some fabric rose trim  and some glittery pink letters.

I then sprayed some of my favourite dollar store lace with some Glimmer Mist so it’d be all nice & pink, and attached that, followed by some more of that yummy teal satin ribbon around the opening of the box.

This is the backside of the flag – a couple felt hearts from my stash, a star from the Blue Streak Mixed Media Colour Kit, and some more fun tulle & this hilarious little love frog guy thinger from the Pink Parts Mixed Media Colour Kit!

Finally, this is the front of the flag  – there are all sorts of goodies from the Pink Parts & Blue Streak Kits, as well as a little more lace & some felt hearts!

Ms Emily saw it when she woke up this morning, and quite literally squealed – and then she goes, “Mom, you didn’t happen to make this for someone in particular, did you…?!”  (*Hint hint*)  Let’s just say, she was a *little* thrilled when I told her who it was for… and then she started squealing again when I told her it was intended to go to school!

Hope y’all are having a happy love month so far – see ya back next week!


3 Responses

  1. OH I just love this Steph!! It is adorable!!


  3. Oh my! This is lovely! Love that shade of metallic topaz!!! It’s always nice to have your own little fan club! 😉

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