The ouchless way to add a punch!

Today I want to pay homage to the incredible Ouchless Cardboard and everyone’s fave Punchinella! 🙂

Let’s talk about the Ouchless Cardboard…lightweight, smooth on one side and corrugated on the other…

Just a small bit of it and it acts as a fun design element…

Love card

It is also sturdy enough to be the base of a card…


And punchinella….I just can’t get enough of it…I don’t understand why it is called sequin waste unless it’s wasted because you don’t use it in your projects!!!!

Here I used it as a mask to create an interesting background on my layout..

A day

And add a little shine to a birthday party!

What a merry day

How have you been using your ouchless cardboard and punchinella?


3 Responses

  1. I couldn’t be without Punchinella – use it as as a stencil and then flip it to stamp with, use it to bring sparkle, love it, love it. Love ouchless cardboard too as it brings so much texture and can also be used to stamp with on those lovely ridges!

  2. These are just DELICIOUS cards!! I totally {heart} ouchless cardboard!!!

    Gorgeous work!!!

  3. wow…so many wonderful projects. I would love to go to Uruguay!!

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