I still haven’t found my style

Hello there! Today I’m sharing my backlog of GA projects that I created recently but haven’t had a chance to show you yet…this being a group blog and all…*pouts*

You may recall in an earlier post…Yvonne has style… I mentioned not knowing what my style is…months later…I still don’t. *LOL*

Am I cutesy? (Embellishments from the Pink Parts Mixed Media Color Kit)

So totally in love with you

Or grungy? (Bits from the Lady Marmelade Orange Mixed Media Color Kit and the It’s All Gravy Baby! Brown Mixed Media Color Kit.

Boys will be boys

Or maybe sweet?  (An upcycled box featuring bits from the Scarlet Fever Red Mixed Media Color Kit)

You & me... love story

Or just plain simple? (Embellishments from the Banana Hammock Yellow Mixed Media Color Kit, the Pink Parts Mixed Media Color Kit and the Envy Green Mixed Media Color Kits.

Just a breath of fresh air


7 Responses

  1. I say your style is awesome. Period. 🙂 I wish I could have half your creative talent!

  2. I know just what you meen, I don’t think I have a particular style either but that just makes us more versatile ;0) and I really like your LOs and each so different

    Love Dawn

  3. Ditto Maggi! I understand though, I can go from total gunge and death to cute and everything in between. MAYBE it is just a style called – versatile

  4. you’re versatile!!!! =)

  5. I think it’s called… The Yvonne. Whatever it is I have to agree with Maggi – it’s AWESOME! I can’t pick a favourite – and who always wants to churn out the same stuff anyway – nah – better to have The Yvonne 😀

  6. your diverse and fabulous!!

  7. What was that famous commercial…..to know a woman…is to never stop discovering her. And even YOU can continue to discover YOU!!

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