Merdrey Gets Lucky Mixing Gauche & Paint!

Hello! Merdrey is here again with a altered art project! I’m not sure if it’s luck or pure coincidence that a friend who drop dropped by one day and took a look at this painting i did eons ago….

Happy are those

…and mentioned that painters of the olden times paint over and over on the same piece of canvas…and that conversation stuck to me for a long while. So i took this other piece which i did..

Happy are those

sprinkled with some Gauche Alchemy’s Wedding Night White mixed media kit and punchinellas…to get this!

Happy are those

How do you like it?


5 Responses

  1. I love looking at your work – it is ALWAYS inspiring

  2. Love the verse and the bling! (Successfully added your button to my blog! Yeah me!!)

  3. Ooh I love that first painting too. Just gorgeous what you did with all that Wedding Night White Merdrey.

  4. LOVE it! Nice when everything all comes together!

  5. […] This one project used to be two projects! See how they look like before on the Gauche Alchemy’s website! […]

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