Carmen Helps Jack Get Lucky!

Hi everyone, Carmen here. Did you see Steph’s recent post about Anne Taintor? It really stuck with me, I’m ashamed to say I had never heard of Anne before Steph spotlighted her but I fell in love with the images, art and especially the humour in the bits that were in the post. When I found out the theme for March was Getting Lucky – well, I had a rummage through my colour kits – spied lonely old Jack, clocked Ms. Bombshell doll whom I had made last year and was saving for something special…et Voila! Jack gets Lucky!
Inspired of course by the lovely work of Anne Taintor. (Yes my Bombshell does have Alice Cooper make-up. She is a gal of unquestioning taste. )
There’s a whole host of Gauche goodness here – Punchinella  used as a mask, Bits & pieces from Purple People Eater, Scarlet Fever Red & Blackout.  All mounted on Ouchless Cardboard   🙂
Isn’t Jack a lucky lad?

4 Responses

  1. LOVE that Alice. Great project. I love everything!

  2. Carmen, this made hubby and I laugh!! hahaha! His junk was jiggered!

  3. Fabulous work as always Carmen – will have to check out Anne Taintor!

  4. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Best tagline EVER!!! I just love this girl!

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