Carmen’s Lucky Mojo Fairy!

Hi everyone, ‘tis I. Carmen .
At the end of last year I took part in a swap (love swaps!) The theme was to create a fairy small enough to fit inside a matchbox. This is what I came up with – a little button mojo fairy.
Her body is made up of buttons threaded together – these came from the various colour kits  and the odd one or two from my stash…
Her hair is some Purple People Eater  fibre wrapped around with thread to resemble plaits. Her little wings were made from some more Purple People Eater bits and attached with another button…
Button’s (for that was her name – did you guess? *g*) little arms & hands come courtesy of Scarlet Fever Red  and It’s All Gravy Baby… 
I hope she brings lots of mojo boosting creative luckiness to her new home… though how can she fail to when she takes with her such Gauchey goodness 😀

6 Responses

  1. ah tooooo cute!

  2. So cute! =)

  3. adorable!!

  4. I love the mojo fairy – so cute and tiny and simply gorgeous!

  5. So teeny and fab!

  6. Great idea!

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