Gift wrapped with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer!

Hi!  My name is Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and I’m so pleased to be

guest designing for Gauche Alchemy this month!  I was told that

this month’s theme is “lucky,” and so I sat down and wrote up a list

of things that came to mind when I heard that word.  And today’s

project was the first thing on that list: a gift.

But let’s talk about my inspiration.

This is how my kit came wrapped:

I took that plain newsprint and pink lace

ribbon and put them to work!  First I painted the newsprint with

blues and purples.  Once the paint had dried, I used the ribbon

as a stencil and sprayed through it with black spray ink.

My sprayed wrapping paper looks like

it has blue and purple lace on it, but that’s actually the paint

underneath (the part that was hidden by the ribbon) peeking


And I made a layered tag to go with my gift.

Flashcard, dress pattern, and some

painted patterned paper all stitched together to create the body of

the tag.

A lovely gift that I think

anybody would feel lucky to get!

Thanks for letting me share!


14 Responses

  1. I really thought you’d dyed the lace! How totally gorgeous!

  2. Dear Julie,
    Your middle name must be VISA, ’cause you’re poppin’ up everywhere I want to be! Seriously, I just found Gauche Alchemy, and now you’re a guest designer!!

  3. Wow! Great project! Love it!

  4. I would feel very lucky to get that, or anything else you make Julie. I love your work and your optimistic outlook that radiates through your blog. You are a very inspirational person with so much artistic enthusiasm that you generously share and I am glad you are guest designer on here this month as we lucky people get to see more of your fabulous work.

  5. love the idea of spraying with lace! Your wrapper looks great!

  6. […] Fei-Fan Balzer is the March Guest Designer for Gauche Alchemy. Read more here. var addthis_pub="scrapscene";   This entry was written by Angie and posted on March […]

  7. Gauche Alchemy is lucky to have you this month! The world can never have too much Julie!! Love love love this!!

  8. Awesome! Yup, definitely thought the lace was transformed into those gorgeous colors. Always love your work, Julie!

  9. We certainly *are* lucky to have you, Julie. This is a truly fantastic project, and I should point out that this is all the WRAPPING, not even the KIT! 🙂 Fantastic job! I thought that you had painted the lace as well. I’m sure it looks even more phenomenal in person. *sigh*

  10. fantastic julie!! i love it and i think i am lucky to have found you and all your creative inspiration genius!

  11. I agree, Im pretty sure anyone receiving this lovely gift wrap (evein if the box was empty!) would feel lucky indeed!

  12. Hey Julie~how cool this is! I just got a GA kit in my mail & was sitting there looking at the plain newsprint it was wrapped in, thinking “hmmmm-I know I can use this for something” when along came your post with this FABULOUS technique! Perfect timing! Thanks so much!

  13. ooohh, I love this!

  14. Love it!! Your just so talented and inspiring. Once again, THANK YOU!

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