Cutlass Cam’s on the Loose!

Yaaaar me Hearties! Carmen here but you can call me Cutlass Cam!
Look at the bounty some lucky scallywag will be getting this Christmas. Arrrrr – ye chuck yer foul smelling root vegetables, I said the C word, ye saw right ye stinking dogs! T’will be filled with swag a plenty come December, treasures of the likes to make to make a scurvy deck hand’s eyes pop! Gold (chocolate) dubloon’s and the obligatory crispy £5 note. Aye.
T’is bound with the finest maps  and encrusted with jewels ground to a fine glitter,  so it is.
The lining is of the finest braille document, why, little hands will wonder at what treasure filled secrets it hides.
Aye, treasure.  *strokes non-existent beard* Arrr.
BACK, back! Get yer filthy paws away, lest I unleash Bessy my faithful cutlass on ye all! Back I say!

17 Responses

  1. That’s frakin’ awesome, Carmen – that vintage Braille is among my very favorite stuff in our stock, you know? So, did you make that out of an empty candy box, or what? 🙂 It looks fabu.

  2. *blush, blush* Thanks Amy 😀 I love that braille too it’s gorgeous and you can’t help running your hands over it.

    It’s a papier mache book blank 🙂 I’m in love with them at the mo, need to buy some more. This will be my nephew’s Chrimbo pressie this year – I know at his age I was always wanting little secret hideaway places and loved secret books ;).

  3. Oooooo, can we have a tutorial on how to make our own pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Carmen sweetie darling darling sweetie?

  4. Whoopido indeed, Carmen, I love this, by jove!

  5. By gum, ya! It doth look smashing! I mean that is a great piece of altered art wot you have done there Carmen. Love it!

  6. The perfect hidy hole for a budding pirate ARRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  7. Wow Carmen, love it as does my son who is oohhing and aahhing at it over my shoulder! Love the maps and the hinges on it..another great altered item x

  8. Bet you have really got a beard, Carmen!

    This is FANTASTIC! That is one lucky landlubber nephew who’ll be receiving this at Christmas. Blimey, you really are ahead of the game aren’t you, Christmas presents?!

    What are the hinges made of, btw?

  9. I am here because I love Carmen, not out of any interest for free stuff,

    Carmen? I love you – I really do…


  10. Hmmm. Cutlass Cam is suspicious of all this love. You do know it’s Steph you all have to corrupt for random commentor of the month don’t you?

    Joanna – the hinge things are those grunge board shape thingies attacked with oodles of layers of heat embossing. The trick is to be really rubbsh at embossing so it all bubbles up and burns and thus creates that aged effect. Totally meant it to look like that. *ahem*

  11. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE THIS!!!! I want one too Carmen =)

  12. Love it all..but have never seen braille paper.. very cool.. lucky nephew for sure..

  13. lol! Love it Carmen. Have you heard of International Talk Like A Pirate Day? You’re a natural

  14. WOW missus that is more piratey than Johnny Depp at his AAAAARness. LOVEIT!!!!!!!! Incredible – even though I am AARing and ME HEARTYing all over the place now LOL. Jaqui x

  15. cool!!! A girl needs a good place to stash her goodies!!

  16. Awesome! If you were to sell these I’d buy one from you Carmen. My little boy Ryan would love it.

  17. Lol Carmen

    You are nuts and THE nuts all rolled into one very lovely parcel


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