Carmen’s Card…

Hi everyone, Carmen here 🙂
It’s nearly April so you know what that means? CHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISTMAS! Aren’t I the lucky one that you can’t all wallop me through the screen?
I am so not a card maker, I try but don’t really succeed. I made one Christmas card last year. One lonely solitary little card but it was one I was actually quite pleased with so I thought I would share with you now. In March. Because I can 🙂
The turquoise background with the snow effect is actually some packaging card from some craft supplies – no way was that going in the recycling. The stamp is a rather fabulous one from the always amazing Stampotique  range. The font is my favourite free font, Burton’s Nightmare from and cut out using my favourite (my only) Martha Stewart gloopy punch. (So versatile…slime, blooood and now snow!)
The “snowballs” and the wool (yarn if you prefer) came from Wedding Night White  and I glittered everything to within an inch of it’s life. Then just stamped around the edges with a favourite stamp and voila! A card I actually liked! *gasp*
Don’t forget to take part in Julie’s challenge for the chance to win a couple of amazing Gauche kits. I kid you not – they are fabulous! It really would feel like Christmas if you won!

7 Responses

  1. this is a great card! for not being a card maker your darn good! I love that Stampotique snowman!

  2. Ooh… what a lovely card…

    I bet whoever got that was pleased as punch as you never make cards!

    Merry Christamassss!


  3. Oh my goodness do I crave emails that badly that I put them as my name now??!!??


  4. Yeah I wonder WHO could have got that card Gail? Hmm.

  5. Christmas??! But the blossoms on the trees and the birds are twittering! lol.

    See Carmen, you CAN make cards! 😉

    That snowman isn’t very jolly! Maybe he knows he’s about to melt because its SPRING!


  6. Dat’s fab & funky. Love the font, and the dripping icicles, and the fact that Mr Snowman has attitude galore. With those fluffy feet, I’m sure he moves with a zombie stomp.


  7. Carmen, you are the very model of gauche. 😉

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