Bette Davis ATC

Hi everyone, Carmen here again.
How are your creations for Julie’s  challenge coming along?  What do you mean you haven’t started yet? Jump to it! But wait… read my post first.
One of my idols who I truly love is Bette Davis. Now there was a woman you wouldn’t mess with. One of my favourite quotes is attributed to her so I made this little ATC a while ago to remind myself of it when I’m feeling a bit sorry for miserable self.
The quote is: I’ve Been Lucky & I’ll Be Lucky Again.
I printed a Bette image off of the PC and distressed it with a nail file and damp sponged it a bit too. Then I used the Punchinella as a mask for the acrylic paint and then when that was dry attached the Punchinella over the top. Apart from the alpha stickers, all the little bits and bobs come from the various Colour Kits.  I really love that plastic strip – it’s like film strip but with text on – that was in the Black Out   kit, really, really cool.
Hope you like. Now go! Create up a storm for Julie’s challenge 🙂  Unless of course you just don’t want to win those fabulous Gauche goodies? Well then you are just plain daft and we will all point at you and call you Daftie Pants of Daftsville. Yes we will.

8 Responses

  1. Liking that ATC Carmen, think I could get into doing ATC’s, such a nice dinky size.

    Thanks for that ‘gentle’ reminder/prod about Julie’s challenge, must get on with it…

  2. This is a brilliant ATC, Gob-Moi (ha ha). Great quote (well done for fitting it all on to the ATC), and super image – er, nail filed and damp sponged (?!).

    Do you know what, I think I will have a go at Julie’s challenge so I must be off…………


  3. Technical term Jo. Only us artiste’s know these highly technical terms. *ahem*

  4. OK I’m here Carmen:) I’m going to have a little wander around as I’ve not been here before!! x

  5. gorgeous ATC and gorgeous quote as always – off to look at the challenge!

  6. Noooooice ATC

    I still have never made an ATC..shame on me


  7. I love that quote and your ATC – I’m another one who has never got round to actually making one. There’s probably a technical term for that too but I’m not going to type it.

    Nice one Carmen!

  8. My first visit to the site and I am impressed! *Ü* Oh…I see you here Carmen. Fab ATC I might add. TFS. ~Glen~

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