Yvonne loves shopping in the baking aisle!

Happy April Gauchites! Were you pranked on April Fool’s Day? Or did you play a trick on some unsuspecting fellow? *winks*

Speaking of tricks, that happens to be the theme for the month of April. I’m not sure what my team mates have in store for you but I (Yvonne) will be sharing one of my fave shopping places for creating a special project…right in the baking aisle! 🙂


Yes, I love shopping at the baking aisle of my local dollar store. I’m iffy about actually using the stuff for real baking so I used it for the base of my project. I altered a tart mold here.  The little clip lets you attach love notes or switch photos.

Supplies: Lily Bee papers, Wedding Night White Mixed Media Color Kit,  Banana Hammock Yellow Mixed Media Color Kit and Scarlet Fever Red Mixed Media Color Kit.

You have a few more days to enter your entries into Julie’s challenge! Hope you’ll participate!


3 Responses

  1. So pretty Yvonne, such a good idea as a gift for a person into cooking too!

  2. That would look great displayed in the kitchen, ‘Food is Love’ after all…

    None of us did an April fool trick this year but I remember one year when I put confetti (the paper sort) inside my husband’s umbrella once, he, he.

  3. This is beautiful!

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