Kas is Back!

Hey…Kas is back….I know you all missed me!
What was I doing you ask????
Well one thing was moving my office/craft studio.  I literally had enough junk…I mean cool shit to fill a small house.  So sorting, packing, moving and unpacking was a HUGE job.
It’s all done and I get my phone and computer this Tuesday. BUT…you know what I do have already?  A sign….
Art Loves Chaos Factorywerks and Studio
Aside from the cool Graphic 45 paper…and all the AWESOMENESS of the Gauche Alchemy goodies like Punchinella, fluid chalks, and more than one Mixed media color kit…I want to share with you some of the before and after “upcycled” items on the sign.
I can’t tell you how excited I am to get started making things in my new “home”

4 Responses

  1. I bet you’re glad to be done with your big move! Love this sign you’ve created with upcycled bits ‘n bobs-that hot air balloon made from the light bulb is pure creative genius!!! Such a wonderfully cool creation!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the sign!! Glad you’re back and rarin’ to go!!

  3. Welcome back, Kas! I adore all the cool, fun stuff in that sign, especially the upcycled stuff! Brilliant! And enjoy your new craft home! =)

  4. Love that sign – the lightbulb balloon is fantastic 😀

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